Monday, April 25, 2022

Michigan Monday: NBA Draft News and NFL Draft Week

The big news, which you have already seen, is that Hunter Dickinson decided against professional basketball and is staying at Michigan for next season.  With NIL money now involved these kids can probably make more on campus than in the G-league.  Exposure is also better playing on TV every night in the Big Ten vs. little to no TV in the G-League.   Hunter is a great college center but athletically he's not going to be a top NBA prospect.  

With that said, Michigan Basketball is still waiting to hear what Caleb Houstan and Moussa Diabate are going to do with the NBA Draft.  The deadline to submit your name in the draft was last night at midnight.   Normally, there is some type of social media announcement, nothing from either player or any of the Michigan Reporters.  The buzz is that Moussa might try the NBA and Houstan might stay.   There are some rumors that a couple players might seek the transfer portal.   There is a new rule, that you have to be in the portal prior to May 1st to play next season.   Nothing official on Texas Tech transfer Shannon either, which might have an effect on Michigan's current roster and interest in the portal.  In my opinion, Michigan still needs shooting next season. 

Update: Moussa Diabate has entered the draft but will preserve his eligibility if he wants to come back. 

Thursday night is the NFL Draft and Hutch continues to be trending as the first pick.   If for some reason he doesn't go to JAX, there is no way he gets past his hometown Lions.   This is a unique draft year, as there aren't any top notch QB's and plenty of teams needing QB's.   So now they have to decide to pick a guy too high or see if they can find a Dax Prescott in the 4th round.  Don't forget Baker Mayfield is also available from the Browns.  

Update: Travon Walker is now the betting favorite to be taken #1. Though this week is "lying" week.

For some reason, I really enjoy the NFL Draft and hope all eligible Wolverines find a new team this weekend.  

  • Michigan's Defensive Line got some Goode help on Friday, as UCF transfer DT Cam Goode picked the Wolverines.  It seems the Donovan Jeter decision to not stay pushed all the Goode chips to Ann Arbor.   The defensive line has a ton of rotational players and I expect Cam to get plenty of snaps next season and probably play behind Mazi.  Cam should have two years of eligibility left.   Friday was a Goode day! 
  • Michigan Womens Golf Team won their first ever Big Ten Championship!  Well Done! 
  • Franz finishes 6th in Rookie of the Year voting 
  • DJ and Paulina Gretzky got married on Saturday.  Former #1 in golf and daughter of the "great one".   Thier kids might have a good swing! 

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Unknown said...

Don't mean to toot my own horn, but told you Hunter coming back was better odds than you think. Good decision! Diabote and Houstan need to do the same.