Monday, May 9, 2022

Michigan Monday: Jordan Morant Picks a New School

3 years ago, when Jordan committed to Michigan, I expected a Dax Hill or even a Jabrill Peppers career at Michigan.   That didn't happen and now he finds himself looking for a new program after jumping into the portal after Spring Practice.  I'm sure he couldn't see a clear path to the field, with Moten and Moore the likely starters. 

Jordan has decided to stay with a high academic school and will transfer to Duke, that has a new head coach and is looking to build a better defense.   On the flip side, he will also get to enjoy some pretty good basketball at Cameron Indoor as well (who also has a new coach).   

Good Luck Jo Morant! 

  • In sad news, RIP to EMU Football assistant coach Fred Reed who just passed away at 54.  
  • Seems Jace and Hunter got to enjoy the Kentucky Derby on Saturday, while the head coach was in Miami enjoying the first ever Miami Grand Prix (hosted by Stepen Ross) on Sunday. 
  • Reports are that Dallas Guard and former Wolverine Tim Hardaway Jr. has bought an expensive new home in Miami as well.   Tim is injured and not currently participating in the playoffs. 
  • MSU Football created championship rings for their Peach Bowl victory over Pitt.  For some reason, the rings also included the Michigan score from this past fall.  I'm guessing it didn't include the statement, Michigan Big Ten Champions.


alablue said...

Michigan has to many rivalry games!!!!

Rudy said...

Guess Paul Bunyan isn't enough? Of course not when the chip on your shoulder from being the lil b*#@* is your only focus. Ah Sparty, where underachieving goes to flourish.