Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: The GOAT in the Booth

Tom Brady is such a good football player; he gets opportunities that we don't even know he can do.   He has a new clothing line called "Brady" and now has agreed to a 10-year contract to be Fox's lead analyst after he retires.   The reports are that the contract is worth $375M for those 10 years.   There goes the dream that he becomes Michigan's Head Coach.   If he ends up being Jason Witten in the booth, then Fox will owe him a bundle of money.    

Since Fox owns a large percentage of the Big Ten Network, you would think Fox Sports will get some part of the new Big Ten TV Contract.  Yes, please having TB12 on Michigan Big Ten Football games.  

  • Ohio State has landed the #1 player in the 2024 class, QB Dylan Raiola
  • Harbaugh was at the Padres game last night

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