Monday, May 2, 2022

Michigan Monday: Wolverine NFL Draft in Review

The NFL draft pretty much went as expected for the Wolverines, 5 Michigan prospects were taken and a there were a number of guys who signed as free agents.   Let's get the run down:

Hutch: Should have been the #1 pick, but goes #2 to the hometown Lions.  Everyone loves this pick as Aiden gets to play in front of friends and family every week.   Great pick. 

Dak: Going to a team that was in the Super Bowl and that only is getting better through Free Agency and the Draft.   Should be a fun place to play, even though that is sort of a "cheap" franchise.  

David Ojabo 2nd Round to the Ravens: Another feel good story about a guy playing for his DC at Michigan and another Harbaugh.  Even if he has to redshirt a year, another perfect landing spot.  

H2 4th round to Tennessee: I wanted Hassan to go to a running based team that values a power running game.  He found exactly that in going to Titans and will back up Derrick Henry. 

Andrew Stueber 7th round to the Patriots: Andrew found the perfect place to play, because Bill could care less about draft status and wants big talented offensive lineman that he doesn't have to over pay.

Undrafted Free Agents or UDFA

-Donovan Jeter to Steelers 
-Chris Hinton to the Giants 
-Josh Ross to Ravens 
-Vincent Gray to Saints 
-Brad Hawkins to Falcons 
-Daylen Baldwin to Giants 
-Luiji Vilain to the Vikings (with over a $200,000 guarantee)
-Brandon Peters to Chargers 
-Keoka Crawford to Colts 

Notable names not signed to date (HT to Mgoblog):
  • C Andrew Vastardis
  • DT Jordan Whittley
  • DT Elijah Pierre
  • T Willie Allen
  • DT Aubrey Solomon
  • LB Drew Singleton
  • T Ja'Raymond Hall
  • DT Deron Irving-Bey
  • P Will Hart
  • RB Tru Wilson
  • LB Devin Gil
  • S J'Marick Woods
  • RB O'Maury Samuels
  • DE Ron Johnson
  • RB Kareem Walker
  • WR Eddie McDoom
  • WR Nate Johnson
  • LB Elysee Mbem-Bosse

Clearly, MacDonlad loves Josh Ross and will give him a shot in the NFL.  Luiji might have been the most coveted UDFA out there if they're going to give him that much guaranteed money.  I really wish Chris Hinton had stayed another year at Michigan, I think he is a year away from being a year away.  I think the rest of the list is going to struggle to make the team, goal should be the practice squad.  

  • This weekend had the ominous date of May 1.  Which is the last day you can jump into the portal and play in any Fall Sport.  Which of course included Football and Basketball.  Michigan Basketball did have PG Frankie Collins jump into the portal, as he thought he should have gotten more time last season.  The guy is a talented PG but can't' shoot a lick.  There were other rumored candidates heading to the portal, maybe they haven't announced yet or are sticking and staying with Juwan's program. 
  • Michigan Basketball did get a portal transfer in Princeton guard Jaelin Llewellyn!  He is a shooting guard vs. a point, so I don't believe it had anything to do with Frankie's exit. 
  • Both Men's and Women's Tennis Team win the Big Ten Tournament! 
  • Jett Howard scored 20 points and was named the MVP of the Iverson Invitational All Star Game.
  • Jordan Poole went off again last night in the NBA Playoffs scoring 31 points.  

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Rudy said...

Several surprises, especially not even getting picked up as a free agent. This was a playoff team. On the bright side, it may mean that as a team these guys are good but only a few are elite. Name that sticks out is Gray since he pissed away a starting position next year and likely better draft position. A UM education doesn't always make them smart.