Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Let's Discuss the Basketball Roster

The deadline has come and gone for players to jump into the portal and still play in the fall for football and basketball (yes, there could be players in there that haven't been announced yet).  So, let's discuss the Basketball Roster where it stands today:

NBA Draft

Diabate and Houstan are kicking the NBA tires.  Both are very raw and could be making a poor decision if they stay in the draft.  The word is that Moussa will probably stay and Caleb will come back.    A high school 5-star prospect doesn't mean they are ready for the NBA after 1 year.  

Davante Jones will also take a shot at the NBA.  The best way to describe his 1 season in Ann Arbor, is disappointing.  


Brandon Johns to VCU

Frankie Collins


Adrien Nunez

Brandon Wade 

Jaron Faulds 

Eli Brooks 

Staying in A2

Hunter Dickinson 

Kobe Bufkin

Terrance Williams 

Isaiah Barnes 

Jace Howard 

Will Tschetter

Transferring in

Jaelin Llewellyn, Princeton

New Freshman

Jett Howard

Tarris Reed

Gregg Glenn

Dug McDaniel 

Worst Case, Michigan will lose 9 players from the roster while adding 5.  There were rumors that Isaiah and Kobe might also try the portal but didn't.   There are also a ton of rumors about mega transfer and local boy Emoni Bates.   He has always been a "hard pass" to Juwan and I hope that stance still stands.  The juice is not worth the squeeze with him.   I don't believe the NIL money will be big enough and every transcript has to get through admissions.  

Michigan is in dire need of shooting.  Yes, the Princeton transfer will help but I would argue they also need shooting from their point guard and a wing.   

Potential Starters

Kobe PG

Hunter C

Jaelin SG

TWill F 

Isaiah or Jett SF

If Caleb or Moussa come back, they of course would take their place in the starting lineup.  Either way, shooting still seems to be a problem.  Unless Jett comes in and shoots the lights out.  

  • Scott Frost got hit with a 5-day suspension and a 1-year show clause from the NCAA for using too many coaches on the practice field and during games.   I thought an NCAA show clause meant that coach couldn't work in the NCAA, but it means if they get a new job in the NCAA, the penalty follows him.  
  • Jack Stewart picks UConn to transfer to
  • Devin Bush didn't get his 5th year picked up by the Steelers
  • Hunter blasts Michigan's NIL program which doesn't help the student athlete navigate those waters
  • Per 24/7 Xavier Worthy got a 7 figure NIL offer to leave Texas for another school.  He stayed a Longhorn.  He of course, was once a Wolverine for a cup of coffee. 


Chowman said...

Elgin Bates = Levar Ball

Not worth the headache. I heard there was some acrimony between the Bates and the MSU program. Rumor had it they made some interesting demands and MSU said NO. Not sure if its true, but then he did end up at Memphis????? Put it this way, nobody connected with the MSU program was disappointed Emoni decided not to stay committed to MSU.

Unknown said...

Did Steelers not pick up Bush bc of injuries? I thought he was playing pretty well, but didn't hear much from him last year. Hope he finds a home.

Chowman said...
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Chowman said...

Did Steelers not pick up Bush bc of injuries? I thought he was playing pretty well, but didn't hear much from him last year. Hope he finds a home.

They have him for 1 more year. They just not exercising the 5th year option that goes along with 1st round picks. He won't be a FA till next spring, unless they cut him in camp this year, which would be odd!

He did have an ACL injury in 2020 and the Steelers are notoriously cheap. That I the NFL seems to be moving away from the emphasis on LBs. Not saying they are eliminating them, but other positions are seen as being more important. Instead of having DUDES at LB, teams are look at just have guys. Not saying they are to the point of RBs, where you just rotate thru them and move on after their rookie deals but getting there. Seems like besides QBs, OTs, and Edges, now the NFL is elevating WRs. Which makes sense as the NFL is predominately a passing league

Unknown said...

Thanks, Chow!

Cormac said...

Xavier who? For someone who *NEVER* suited up in the maize and blue, a never-was certainly stirs up some emotions.

Rudy said...

welcome to the NCAA now! The NIL is going to provide all kinds of wrinkles that will erode the already-eroding fabric of college football. Now, just pay kids to leave their schools. It'll become the LeBron James NBA where they build super teams cuz they are getting "all the girls together". Not illegal but not an ethical approach to developing young men. Doubt Jimmy will tolerate this so UM will suffer cuz they ain't willing to race to the bottom to get to the top. Worthy wants to drop a story, then go ahead and name names! Want to be a whistleblower then blow that whistle, don't do it halfway!

szanreno said...

Outstanding Rudy...

Voice of Reason said...

We are witnessing quite possibly the death of college sports as we've known it. The NCAA has apparently done all it could to destroy amateur athletics on the college level and you can bet that somehow and some way that it will affect the high school level as well. IMHO!!!