Friday, June 10, 2022

Michigan Friday: Last Take on CJ

Many Michigan fans are conflicted on how they should feel about CJ Carr (grandson of Lloyd Carr) committing to ND for the 2024 class.  I know I mentioned this earlier this week, but now it's official I thought I would share a few more thoughts:

1. It's a long time from now and NSD 2024

2. CJ said he wanted to go away for college, ok fine.  

3. There are plenty of rumors that LC has not been a huge fan of the Michigan program since he retired.  

4. For the older BHB readers, you may remember, LC losing his mind when Greg Mattison left Ann Arbor (the first time) to go be ND's DC. 

5. Michigan will get a good/great QB in 2023 and/or 2024 class 

If CJ was not a 4/5star QB, nobody would care if he went to ND or not.   With that said, the Michigan faithful will want the best for CJ, while at the same time NOT ROOTING FOR ND.

Last thing, the Michigan fan base has been there for the Carr family with millions in generous donations to the Chad Tough Foundation.  Let's not get this twisted and compare a charity supporting patients with a deadly condition to a kid picking a college.  

  • LIV golfers got suspended from the PGA Tour.   The players that are playing in the LIV tournaments are not stupid and did the math on losing status on the PGA Tour and losing sponsors.  The key to me is, will they be able to play in the majors?  The US and British Open seem to be OK to letting them play (unless they change a rule), the PGA Championship is out, and that leaves the Masters as a question mark.  The President and Ryder Cups are also out for the LIV golfers.    None of this was a surprise to anyone that tee'd it up in London on Thursday.   I love the idea of another professional golf league; I just wish it was funded by Amazon.  On a side note, smaller PGA Tournaments like the new one in Detroit, John Deere, etc. are in serious trouble. 
  • Michigan is going to be hosting a number of prospects this weekend, let's hope that generates some commitments!


Justwin said...

No problems with his decision. But hope ND loses.

ScottyDoggs said...

I have to say this .... The only difference between Loyde Carr and Caitlyn Jenner is that Caitlyn got the required transition and Lyode did not have the stones to do it. When we had a female president at Michigan Carr was hoping she would ask him if he wanted to quite coaching? REALLY? Carr is the one who is supposed to have the stones and too sissified to speak up. He left the cup board bare for Rich Rod, and led the insurrection against Rich Rod that included the "
Detroit Free Press" and got sanctions against Rich Rod. I hope your happy Carr! Grow a few because you have none!

Voice of Reason said...

The truth is that the Michigan fan base can and does understand when a kid (CJC) goes to another school and for whatever that reason might be, the point is that you'd want the best players in Michigan to go to Michigan. Any trend where the best players in your state goes to other schools particularly your rivals is a trend that you'd want to avoid whenever possible. As the saying goes, "You win some and you lose some," and this is a battle that Michigan can afford to lose as long as they win the other battle for our hometown five star QB which some recruiters feel is a better prospect. In any case, I am certain that the majority of Michigan fans wish CJ and his family well.

ND's new head coach is causing their school to get the proverbial bump in this year's recruiting. Michigan's 2021 conference title should have also caused the same bump this recruiting cycle so we will see. IMHO!!!