Monday, June 13, 2022

Michigan Monday: The Recruiting Weekend Recap

It's been quiet on the recruiting front lately for the Wolverines and there are a few reasons for that.  Michigan pretty much rebooted their staff last season, as success warranted new hires and promotions.  It's difficult to make up ground on recruiting relationships in just a few months when Michigan has a new OC and DC.  It's also not great that our head coach took a month's flirtation with the NFL.   The Championship season on the field, sort of got leveled out by the coaching turnover and Jimmy's flirtation.  

This weekend was big and the 1st official visit weekend of the new season.  Attending were the following players:


Collins Acheampong, DE 4-star ✅

Semaj Bridgeman, LB 4-star

My'Keil Gardner, DT 3-star 

Aaron Gates, S 4-star

Jyaire Hill, CB 4-star 

Chico Holt, TE 3-star ✅

Logan Howland, OT 3-star

Jeremiyah Love, RB 4-star

Kayden McDonald, DT 4-star

Fredick Moore, WR 4-star ✅

Paul Mubenga, OT 3-star ✅

Rahmir Stewart, S 4-star

Chis Terek, OT 3-star

Makari Vickers, S 4-star

John Walker, DT 4-star 

Highlight = Official Visit 

✅ = Crystal balls coming in for Michigan

Lots of these type of comments from players this weekend, "Michigan made a big jump with me", "their facilities are first class", "feels like family", "really connected with the coaches", "got to know the program", "could see myself here" and "this program is in great shape for a long time". 

There was also a number of 2024 guys in attendance but wanted to focus on 2023 for now.  Let's hope we get some commitments soon!


Ron said...

Good post today good column on recruiting news thank you 👍

Rudy said...

Understand your comments yet don't completely agree. Bama turns over their staff almost annually yet recruiting never drops off.....cuz winning fixes everything. Even gets media and recruits to forgive the biggest dbag coach in the ncaa...Saban. UM can't blame recruiting on the turnover, especially with Jimmy still at the helm. Definitely think Jimmy's chat with the Vikings hurt and the lack of enthusiasm for the NIL doesn't help either. As Jimbo said, "you can't out coach recruiting".