Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: CJ Might Drive His Carr to South Bend

If you're the grandson of one of the top football coaches in Michigan's historic program, a highly rated QB, and have good grades and test scores.  You can pretty much pick the school you want to attend.    Hopefully that list includes the Maize and Blue.  

I think it's fair to say there are a few schools that Michigan fans prefer you don't attend and play football.  

#1 Ohio State - this is a no brainer.  

#2 Michigan State - really don't want a legacy recruit at Michigan's instate rival.  

#3 Notre Dame - Some can make an argument that ND is Michigan's 2nd overall rival.  

CJ Carr out of Saline is a 4/5 star QB in the 2024 class which signing day is nearly 18 months away.  Today, he plans to announce his commitment and all signs are pointing to a Notre Dame commitment.   That's correct, Lloyd's grandson is expected to announce a commitment to ND.  

If you're like me, this commitment goes with a ton of questions:

  • Why now?  Seems like a very early commitment. 
  • What is CJ's relationship with the Michigan coaches?  
  • Does this have anything to do with the Dante Moore recruitment (2023 class)?
  • What is the relationship between Coach Carr and Jimmy?
  • Does CJ feel like a plan B for Michigan?
There is a ton of time before signing day for 2024 and it's very rare for the State to have back-to-back 5-star QB's.  Michigan cannot whiff on both.  

  • Michigan Baseball dropped the Regional Championship game against Louisville on Monday.  Hat tip to the team for its Cinderella run.


Unknown said...

Michigan will get neither 5 star QB.

MichiganMan said...

Guys I am back from Dubai...this where QBs come and Harbough kills their career...unknown fans here will not like the comments you and I made..

Blue for life

Voice of Reason said...

There was a big thing by ND and some of their media not long ago that they expect to sign Arch Manning. Of course it's to their advantage to make this look like a done deal because they want to make it look like there's competition between the five stars trying to get there...but we will see.

Regarding Michigan as being a place where QB careers come to die... so far, the ONLY QB worth noting (under Harbaugh) here at Michigan is JJM, and he still has time to develop. The others were not great prospects but you can only play the players that you can sign, IMHO!!!

Chowman said...

There's something not right with the brew. Lloyd's exit from UofM was not exactly smooth. It wasn't like he had announced at the beginning of the year he was retiring. And then there was the whole Mad Hatter, Les Miles affair, where it looked like he wanted to come to Michigan, but Lloyd dragged his feet. Then we ended up with RichRod, who was a disaster, but he was also kind of sabotaged by Lloyd and the Old Blue Guard. Just makes me wonder if ol' Lloyd doesn't have the best things to say about UofM and if that's a factor in his grandson's recruitment.

Blue In Ohio said...

I refuse to get all twisted up about this Carr kid. Let him commit to ND...theres a long time until signing day and depending how the DM thing turns out...it may be .best for us not to get Lloyd's grandson...

MichiganMan said...

Forget about Carr.... how about we simply get a better player through NIL deal?

Blue for life!!

Brady2017 said...

(Not a)Michiganman, you are annoying. Please go away.

Brady2017 said...
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Ron said...

It would be sad to see CJ Carr wear any other helmet other than that winged helmet

Rudy said...

I don't think Lloyd is carrying some sort of grudge. Look how much he and UM did together in the name of his grandson's death and the fund raising. UM championed that cause! Surely there is an underlying story as to the kid's choice but I really don't think Lloyd is poo pooing his school. Carr's timing would be perfect to land him the starting gig early so can't be the roster. Regardless, again it looks bad on Jimmy that he lets another big fish get away, especially a blue fish!

Voice of Reason said...

June 8th WTKA: I'm listening to Michael Spath as he goes on a rant against Michigan fans potentially being upset if CJ Carr goes anywhere other than Michigan. Spath doesn't get it, Michigan fans want to recruit the best student athletes every year...PERIOD! If Alabama, Georgia, Clemson and osu can want and go after the best students that money can buy then why can't Michigan covet these same students? Saying that ND is a great school is telling us everything that everyone already knows, but it doesn't help Michigan.

Fans are fans and they bleed their school's colors and they want to keep their outstanding hometown athletes at home and so you know what...there's nothing wrong with that. When the best hometown athletes goes to other schools to play, yes, there's something wrong with that. Yes it happens and we grieve over the loss but there's nothing wrong with the fans for wanting them. Juan Howard's sons chose to stay home, Chris Hutchinson's son decided to stay home because they get it. No one will "hate" CJ if he goes away to school (because hate would be crazy) but we want our kids to "stay and play" at Michigan.

Alabama, Georgia, TA&M, et al, have gotten the best players over the years when their alumni have paid for them under the table and/or because the players couldn't read and academically couldn't get into Michigan, and so when you have a good qualifying hometown prospect then you want to keep them. I'm sorry Spath if you don't understand this. IMHO!!!

MichiganMan said...

VOR you wrote much for Brady to understand...

🔵 For life