Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Poole Party

Slow news day, so going to talk about Jordan Poole and the Golden State Warriors.  Jordan is now 1 win a way from an NBA Championship.   The guy just loves buzzer beaters, doesn't he?   

I have to give Poole a quick hat tip.  He left college too early but worked hard in the G-League and the Warriors stuck with him.  He now is a big piece of the Warriors championship and probably should have been the most improved player in the NBA this season.   He has become a knock down shooter and still needs to work on his defense.   As the Celtics commonly try to find his match-up on the offensive side of the floor.

In a night, when Curry is throwing up bricks, Wiggins and Poole stepped up the scoring and they got a game 5 win.   On a side note, how hurt is Wiseman?  Is he even on the bench? 

Good luck to Poole in game 6! 

  • Michigan Softball pitcher Alex Storako transfers to Oklahoma, who just won the National Championship. 
  • Big Ten Media Day will be 7/26 -7/27 in Indy 

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