Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: A Minute Before Midnight is the Deadline

Caleb and Moussa have a decision to make prior to midnight tonight.  That decision is to stay in the NBA Draft or head back to Ann Arbor.  Many believe with NIL, going back to school gives them better exposure and money over the G-League.  The issue with both 5-Star Wolverines, is their international players and the NIL rules are different for them.  

To recap: upside for Caleb is late round one for a 19-year-old developmental project for someone like OKC or San Antonio.  Moussa tested well at the Combine and has done some workouts but it's expected his upside is 2nd round or undrafted.    Neither of those situations are great for being successful in the league.  

Neither player is active on social media and we may or may not have some type of announcement through Michigan today.  

Update: Moussa staying in draft.   No word from Caleb yet, but I assume he will make a similar decision.  This is the down side of recruiting 5-star guys.  

Below is this season's student Michigan Football schedule shirt:


Unknown said...

Boneheads, plain and simple. Confuses say those motivated by money and fame be broke and lonely.

Unknown said...

As the other bust Cardale Jones said "I didn't come here to play me no school"