Monday, September 26, 2022

Michigan Monday: Too Early Look at Iowa

Michigan got a bit of a wake-up call on Saturday as a team with "nothing to lose" gave them all they wanted in the Big House.  It was Michigan's first game against a real opponent and it was the first time they've been behind on the scoreboard since the Orange Bowl.   Now they get to focus on the first road trip of the year.  Struggling against the Terrapins and a trip to a pink locker room should help motivate the team in practice this week.   Thank you, Fox, for putting this game at noon! 


Beat Rutgers on the road last week.  Iowa scored twice on defense and won 27-10.  Rutgers out gained Iowa 361-277 but lost the turnover battle 0-3.  Iowa has a fantastic defense as they have given up 23 total points through 4 games.  Thier offense is the opposite of that.

Iowa's offense: pass yards: 131 yards per (124th in the country), Rush 101 (116th), score: 17 points per game (232)

Defense: Points against 5.8 (#1)

So things haven't changed in Iowa.  Iowa really needs this game if they are going to try to win the West vs. a solid Golden Gophers team.  After this week, they're on the road to @ Illinois and @ Ohio State.  They also play at Minnesota on 11/19.

Michigan is -10.5 

  • Josh Metellus dropped a pick to beat the Lions and then had one on the next play
  • Taylor Lewan is out for the year with an injury
  • Congrats to the US Team for winning the President's Cup this weekend. 
  • How is Josh Gattis doing at Miami? Yikes!
  • Another head coach goes down - as Georgia Tech fired Geoff Collins after a terrible record at Tech and losing to UCF on Saturday.  Seems "Coach Prime" might be a candidate. 
  • MSU @ Maryland this week. Maryland -7.5
  • Minnestoa has 1 ranked team on its schedule and that is a trip to Happy Valley in 3 weeks.
  • Adrian Martinez finally got his big win but he had to leave Nebraska to do it.  Kansas State beat Oklahoma on Saturday. 


Brady2017 said...
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Brady2017 said...

A win is a win, and I'll take it. J.J. needs to keep the ball more on the RPO and learn to run more north and south. Quicker reads needed, too. It will happen in time.

Minnesota having only 1 ranked team on its schedule gets no attention, but the Sparty media will jump all over Michigan's schedule. That's ok, who's laughing now, Sparty?

I love following (and rooting against) former UM coaches like Mattison, Gattis, and good ole Maryland offensive coordinator Dan Enos, who left Jimmy in the cold after only one week on his staff. Sorry you both lost! Lol

I'm thinking Coach Prime might be headed to Notre Dame, as their program looks like a grease fire. Uh oh, is that Uncle Urban calling South Bend?

I've seen Adrian Martinez so many years on my TV I think I'm going to see him in my sleep now. Someone please tell me he's gone after this year.

Brady2017 said...

President's Cup needs to be before Labor Day. I missed it. Too much good football to be watched!

Chowman said...

JJ can't get away with the same loose play against Iowa. Iowa will take the ball away if given the opportunity. JJ really needs to learn its ok to live for the next down or next series instead of trying to make the big play every down. And the OC(s) need to call a lot better game. The play calling was pedestrian at best!

Rudy said...

It was Tua Jr vs UM; just shows how a great playmaker can almost carry a team. They probably should have put him on defense as well. Iowa D is legit but also will get tired. So wave at the kids and close game at halftime but Jimmy opens it up in 2nd half to win by a couple of TDs.