Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Saturday's Game Will Be Different for Roman Wilson

I'm sure you can count the number of players in Michigan history from the great state of Hawaii.  Roman Wilson is one of those players, his parents went to school at Western Michigan and was very familiar with the Wolverines and their historic program.  Which opened the door for Roman to make the long trip to the Midwest from the Hawaiian Islands.  The game on Saturday will be special for Michigan WR:

"My emotions, honestly, I just feel so blessed," Wilson said. "Growing up, I wouldn't have expected to be, first of all, at Michigan and then be able to play my hometown. It feels like such a surreal moment. Just so honored, to be honest."

"I feel like it means a whole lot," Wilson said to what a good Hawaii program means to the community. "I know their head coach, Timmy Chang, was a big inspiration for a lot of people growing up. Colt Brennan, there were a couple of receivers that I knew and kind of watched throughout the years. I feel like when people go to their hometown and they live there, it means so much to their community. You look up and look at these role models in your life and realize you can be like them too."

"I kind of didn't have too many Powers five schools heading into my senior year," Wilson said. "I ended up going to The Opening and won MVP or something like that. I just remember waking up the next day and Oregon called me and offered me, Michigan was the third or fourth school and then, after that, my recruitment took off. I kind of had most of the PAC-12 schools, Michigan really stood out because of how well they treated me."

  • Karsen Barnhart has a sprained ankle and is not expected to play this weekend. 
  • Jimmy expects Ryan Hayes to play on Saturday and Nikhai Hill-Green is questionable. 
  • Jaylen Harrell per PFF: 2 sacks, 6 hurries, 43.8% pass rush win rate, 85.3 pass rush grade.
  • MSU lost 2 starters on defense to injury: linebacker Darius Snow and safety Xavier Henderson.


Brady2017 said...

Everyone is making a big deal out of Michigan's schedule, but why is nobody saying anything about the MSU transfer portal Spartans' schedule? They were up up by a single score late in the 4th quarter against Western! Who do they play this Saturday? AKRON!!! Gotta love the biased Sparty radio.

Chowman said...

Hopefully there are no more injuries the next couple of weeks, and they can get some of the young tackles some extended play as its looks like the OL, specifically the tackles might be a bit thin.

Chowman said...

Unknown: I'm not a season ticket holder, so I don't care, but if you are, you can't be happy with a non-con schedule that features the little sisters of the poor. The B1G is the B1G, you can't do much about that, but it would of been nice for the Wolverines to have scheduled at least one non-con opponent that has a pulse. If things play out the way they stack up on paper, the first real test is week 5 against Iowa. And even then, Iowa's offense couldn't score in a whorehouse, but the game is at the dump known as Kinnick Stadium.

Rudy said...

For the past several years, UM has played a power house in the early season, or at least a program that is considered a power house, see U of Washington. I think it's fine now & then to play some hood rats. The coming years have them again playing power houses. As for Sparty, that is a dang shame and we should feel for them....alright, almost got through that without laughing. Sparty = Salvation Army of college football