Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: What's Better Then 1 Bell? 2 Bell's

Michigan has offered 2023 prospect Kendrick Bell out of St. Louis.  If that name sounds familar, Kendrick is the brother of current Michigan captain Ronnie Bell.  Kendrick is a 2-star QB but Michigan offered him as an athlete.   His only other offer to-date is from Don Brown at UMass.  Kendrick is planning an offical visit for the Penn State game, I wonder who his host will be?

  • Michigan jumped to #4 in the AP Poll this week.  OSU is #3.
  • When LSU hired Brian Kelly, who did they think they were getting?  
  • Michigan will again be hosting their most important recruit, 2024 5-star QB Jayden Davis on Saturday.
  • JJ answered questions yesterday, he is 100% healthy and confident for his first Michigan start on Saturday night. 


ScottyDoggs said...

We forget the tremendous pressure McNamara is under, (at least I do) .... somebody trying to steal your girl friend, or a new hot shot is eyeing your job at work )just like Cade is going thru. Live is nothing but competition, but it's easy to forget the pressures Cade is facing .... but having said that go JJ, show the world that you "are the man", and learn to keep down and do not get hurt, you can make history at UM, if you stay in one piece!

Rudy said...

agree Scotty. JJ is freaky fast, but he ain't a big fella. He's gonna take one of those hits that's gonna make him wanna slap his mamma! Just a matter of time. Cade won't run cuz he knows he doesn't want to get hit like that.