Friday, September 16, 2022

UConn Preview

What a Good Boy! 
Time: Noon 
Location: Big House 
Weather: 78 No Rain
TV: ABC (Bob Wischusen and Roddy Jones)
Line: Michigan -46

This is week 3 of the Michigan shopping the tomato can isle of NCAA Football.  JJ is the QB now and it will be great to see another strong passing performance.  I don't want to see him run, because there is no need to run vs. UConn.  The Michigan offense looked better Week 2 than Week 1 and I expect another jump forward on Saturday.

Dear Jimmy, 
I'm sure Warde doesn't make many (or any) football decisions without you.   This year's non-conference games haven't been great and I'm Ok with that.  Michigan Football needs a pre-season every year and I agree with a couple of sleepers and maybe one power 5 team.  Bring back Vandy to the Big House! 

The JJ decision was an obvious one and I'm glad you made it so quickly after the Hawaii game.  This week's opponent is not great, but another learning opportunity for JJ to lead the program forward.   The defense is playing really well and will have tougher tests down the road.  I do like how the new DC is mixing up looks.  

I would like the passing game to pick apart the Huskies and continue to get the WR's involved.  #1 Anthony needs more catches and time to get #0 Darrius Clemons a catch or two as well.  The defense needs to create more turnovers and look to pitch a shutout.  

Play well and stay healthy.  The Big Ten season starts in a week. 

Michigan 51 UConn 6

Side Notes:
  • Nike dropped Michigan Nike Pegasus 39 and they sold out pretty much everywhere.  If you can grab a pair, I recommend you do it.  

  • Former Michigan DE's combined to injure Justin Herbert last night on Amazon's first NFL Game.  Mike Danna hit him and then Frank Clark did the same on the following play.  Justin looks to have a rib injury.


Brady2017 said...

J.J. is going to have to run (and perfect) the R.P.O., even if the thought of running frightens some. This will be the truest form of the 'speed in space' offence Josh Gattis envisioned when he came here. J.J. is gonna have to make a quick read on the defensive ends and decide whether to throw or run. Yes, we could hide this element a little until it's needed in a big game, but I'm pretty sure every team in the country has played against a run, pass, option team, so no need to be conservative. As they say on Gas Monkey Garage, "Let'er rip, tater chip!"

Brady2017 said...

Gooooo Huskies!!! I honestly feel the loss of Kenneth Walker will hurt State more than people know. Now defenses can tee off on the pass, and Thorne's QB rating is way down this year already. I smell a couple picks against him and an easy Washington victory. Lay the -3 points and give the dogs a bone!

Brady2017 said...

And yes, I know Gattis is no longer here. I believe he went to Miami.

ScottyDoggs said...

Everyone worries about McCarthy running, but in days gone by (the 70's) was the option, and the quarter back could have run on every down (except passing situations), then of Course players average probably 50 lbs. or more per player now. (No exaggeration)

Brady2017 said...

Scottydog, ya, I've seen videos of Bo's teams in the 70's. They all ran the QB option with the lateral to the RB. It was crazy, but good!

Cormac said...

I rather not see JJ run much at all!