Sunday, October 2, 2022

Corn Pops

 Isaiah Hole at Wolverine Wire

Iowa - Michigan games in Iowa City always seem to follow one script.  It feels like Michigan should be blowing out the Hawkeyes but for some reason it's still too close a game.  Something will happen to Michigan and that 20-point lead will become a 20-21 loss. 

Raise your hand, if you saw the ball bouncing alone on the 5-yard line and you started to wonder if that was the first scene in that movie, we have seen too many times?  Or when Iowa is driving with 4 minutes left inside the 10-yard line to make it a one score game?  But Iowa's offense did the most Iowa thing ever, on 4th and 2 they threw a 1-yard pass that the TE had to go down to his knees to catch.  

Any win in Iowa City is a good win, but in the Cheers and Jeers, I will highlight why this wasn't an Indy type blow out.  

  • JJ played smarter this week, quicker decisions
  • Blake Corum for Heisman 
  • Roman Wilson is a really good WR
  • OL played well 
  • Dline stopped the run for the most part 
  • Moody was 100% on the day 
  • Edwards really gives the team a nice boost when he is in
  • Mike Morris might have saved the game with 2 sacks
  • There is something about Okie 
  • Michigan left Iowa City with a W 
  • Playing calling was better
  • JJ missed another long ball when Wilson was buck naked open 
  • At times a little too conservative on offense, I remember a 3rd down in the redzone where we ran a sweep to the short side.  Need a TD there. 
  • Lack of a pass rush kept the Hawkeyes in the game
  • Iowa converted a 3rd and 25 and got it to the 1-yard line? WTF?
  • Sainristil was getting his flowers from Klatt and Johnson prior to the game and then had a poor outing 
  • Everyone knows that Iowa is going to throw to the TE's, how in the hell can't we cover them?
  • How did they not review that JJ fumble?  I don't know the exact rule here but if you're trying to throw the pass forward and get hit and the ball goes backwards, isn't it still incomplete if your arm is going forward? or since it goes backwards is it automatically a fumble?
  • The play JJ gets his foot stepped on, looked to be a big play down the field
  • Did Brad Robbins have punter envy?
  • There was a report by Michigan radio that Roman Wilson was taken back to the locker room with an injury.
The game was not perfect and Michigan left Iowa City with a much-needed victory.  Michigan had zero turnovers and somehow the official's calls went the Wolverines way for a change.  Happy to see some banged up players back on the field but the pass rush and LB play still needs to improve with some big boys still left of the schedule.  

This is a minor Jeers, but can we please stop giving up meaningless TD's at the end of the games?


Chowman said...

Better game for JJ for sure. In his post game interview with Jenny Taft he said all the right things and sounds like a guy that's very coachable and doesn't think he's bigger than the program! I still don't like the offensive play calling. Not looking for them to reinvent the game of football, but man can we get some play action game going? With the defense having to respect Blake Corum, running a few play actions would free up a TE or WR for a chunk play. Defensively the bright spot is Mazi Smith and the interior DL. The edges are another story. When the opposition HAS to pass the ball, they are pretty good at pinning their ears back and getting after the QB. I see you Mike Morris! I'd like to see more of Okie earlier in the game in passing situations. My only issue is sometimes he can get too far inside and lose contain when rushing the passer. One guy that we can see less of is Brandon McGregor. Still waiting for him to make an impact and by this time in his career its probably not happening. LBs need to get better too. Colston is playing ok, not great, but not bad either, just MEH. The rest of the LB corp has been non-descript. Been pleasantly surprised with the secondary, especially the corners. Yeah the Sanistril thing is getting a bit played out, but to switch from a WR to CB in one offseason is kind of impressive.

Justwin said...

Like the cheers/jeers, and agree with Chow ^

My sense on the Def is that they just lost intensity after being pretty dominante against a QB and O Line that is embarrassing for a B10 team. That’s on the coaches and D Captains.

I wonder if they kept the play calling unimaginative to keep the playbook a bit secret? If they didn’t get the sort of run-game traction then maybe we would have seen more creativity?

I’m so in love with the 1-2 punch of Corum and Edwards, and what Edwards gives us as a receiver. What an amazing backfield.

Is Will Johnson just not being targeted? He Seems really quiet. I’m worried that we haven’t been able to cause turnovers against these cupcake teams.

MichiganMan said...

Guys forget the cheers and
Jeers I'm just glad they came out with the victory.. I was nervous all week... One thing I do have to say if JJ play like this we mind well put McNamara back on the center... He's doing nothing more spectacular than what McNamara used to do on the field JJ seemed to be just managing the game.. if he's going to do that I rather have somebody with more experience under center like McNamara

Blue for life

Unknown said...

It was VERY strange to be involved in a game in which most of the calls went our way. I've been a Wolverine fan since the 1970s...I cannot remember witnessing a game in which the calls went our way; not a single game in almost 50 years.

This was a first for me.

Great game plan for this game.

Goblu said...

My take is JJ showed why he's the starter. He had several really solid progressions, and he made the right choices/passes for the situation. He obv needs to get the longball timing figured out, but I don't worry (yet) about that.