Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: We Want It All

Late last week we learned that Erick All had back surgery in Hurricane Ian torn Fort Meyers, Florida.  Which led me to a couple of thoughts:

1. He is clearly out for the remainder of the season
2. He must have really needed a specialized surgery if he traveled to Florida and to an area that was recently devastated by Hurricane Ian. 
3. Fort Meyers must have the best surgeon in the country for his condition.  

We clearly don't know any details on his back or that procedure, what we do know is that Jimmy confirmed he is out for the season.   That is tough news but hopefully he will consider a medical redshirt and come back for another year in Ann Arbor.   Hoping for a quick recovery! 

  • Jimmy roasted Coach Franklin as being the ring leader for the PB&J tunnel backup a couple of weeks ago.   Love it! He even threw in terms like sophomoric and whining. 
  • Seems focus won't be an issue this week in practice as everyone seems to want to bring the Paul Bunyon Trophy back to Ann Arbor.  Not sure, I've seen Jimmy so passionate about getting a win this weekend. 
  • Caden Kolesar also posted a surgery update on his leg or knee. 
  • Michigan @ Rutgers will be another primetime game. 
  • Big Ten won't mess with the football divisions until USC and UCLA get here in 2024. 
  • CBS is finally getting smarter about where they use Jim Nantz as this will be his last Final 4.  Next, they need to change him out of the booth with Romo and let him just do golf.   I'm clearly not a fan of the pompous, hair dyeing, MVP tie giving, burnt toast eating, Fab 5 hating announcer. 
  • Mac Jones should've gotten a targeting call on the slide kick last night.


MichiganMan said...

E. All had been through a lot since he was young. He is a courageous young man. God bless him and his family. I hope he can play football and comes back next year stronger. Jimmy better get his players fired up and have them be ready for MSU...I hope they don't come out the gate and start playing flat. It is only going fuel the fire for MSU.

Michigan 31 MSU 10....?

Blue for Life

Unknown said...

First time post here but read all the time. They need to take Nance off golf too. I've long loathed his "pompous" (this is a perfect description) manner. I couldn't care less that he goes way back with Freddy. I think Terry Gannon is the best right now. Would love to see him do the Masters.