Saturday, November 19, 2022

How Upsets Happen

  • Heisman Trophy candidate RB hurts his knee late in the 1st half 
  • While he is grabbing his knee he fumbles deep in the red zone 
  • Top DE and future 1st round draft pick is out with an injury 
  • Top TE is out with an injury 
  • 2nd string RB and maybe the most gifted player on offense is out with an injury 
  • One of your best offensive linemen is out with an injury
  • Your punt and kickoff returner is out with an injury 
  • Offensive play calling that makes me want to throw a brick at the TV
  • Major game against a rival next week 
  • Weather is bitter cold 
  • Wind is blowing hard and gusting to over 30 miles per hour
  • Playing 4th and 5th RB's
  • Playing walk-on RB's 
  • QB not seeing wide open WR
  • WR's not catching the ball 
  • Opponent plays a very similar type of game that you do 
  • Opponent is super hungry after 2 losses at home 
  • Opponent's head coach just lost his mother 
  • The home field advantage crowd is sparse due to the weather 
  • Back-up QB and team captain is out for the year with a knee injury 
  • Top receiving TE is out for the year with a back injury 
  • Your opponent has one of the best RB's in the country 
  • Opponent has an QB with a ton of experience
  • Walk-on RB has a drop in an important situation 
  • Same walk-on QB makes a good catch on 4th down 
  • True Freshmans all over the field 
  • There is a "Husker Hex" curse for teams that beat Nebraska and lost the next week 
  • Scoring 1 TD 
How to avoid an upset?


Goblu said...

Nice summary. Our WR’s dropped game defining catches - mostly through the hands. That’s in part from not throwing to them more than a few times per game. They need game day reps.

JJ missed some reads for sure, but he kept this game alive. And that 4th down pass was good and a maturing type play.

While I hated this game - walked away a few times. This should be an important progression for JJ. A step that all QB’s need to take - and good for him as a 19yo.

The D did what they needed to when it counted. Someone needs to find a way to give Moody another couple years of eligibility!!

szanreno said...

Very glad we won, if not bucknutsboy would have returned from Timbuktu to give us his underhanded takes. Last drive was unbelievable as was the game with so many key players out. A win is a win, on to Columbus undefeated. Go Blue!

Ron said...

What's wrong with AJ Henning? Yes the play calling in the second half was terrible

Chowman said...

How upsets happen:

Team has a cupcake schedule all season long and never bothers to develop a passing game. the 1st sign the redshirt freshman is looking like he's struggling, you put training wheels on the offense and become over reliant on the running game. One dimensional teams will eventually lose. It's a given!

And what happened to the Edge depth? You telling me Mike Morris is the entire pass rush? sorry, I don't see him as a 1st rd pick. He's had a nice season, but he's not a down after down difference maker. Guess I don't own a pair of Maize n' Blue glasses! Again, Michigan has played some really bad teams with some really bad OLs this season.

Yeah Michigan had a ton of guys out due to injuries, but the game plan was piss poor and that's on the coaching staff and specifically Jim Harbaugh. Depending on what happens next week in Columbus, last year could end up being an anomaly, and what we'll see is an 11-1 Michigan and the same old Jim Harbaugh Michigan team: in a big game against a big opponent they'll drop their drawers and show their asses.

Justwin said...

You seems like a happy guy.

First - it’s a game, relax.
Second - they have played many of the same teams Ohio has played. And has played those teams as well (bad) or better.
Third - JJ isn’t red shirt.
Fourth - Georgia struggled. TCU struggled. Teams struggle.
Five - Mich has passing struggles. There really aren’t many (any) fully complete teams in college or the nfl. Sooo, what?
Six - next weekend will be tough, in particular bc of Ohio’s receivers. But, you seem pretty blind to Mich’s quality. Don’t see rose colored glasses to see quality.

Gemini4 said...

From my observation Ronnie Bell played an agressive and physical game. He blocked for RBs, JJ, and even the tight end. He caught passes thrown his way, and I do not recall any dropped throws. He made a difference in the game for us.

Blue said...

Were now 11-0, it's now all about Ohio State, lose we play in the Rose Bowl, win we play in Indy for a BIG championship, and a chance to play for a national championship, all games previously are now history. Again it's now all about "The Game", that "The Team" has be preparing for every week this year to win, as JJ has stated "“a lot of meat on the bone: It’s still on the bone, and it’s ready to come off next Saturday.” Beat Ohio State!

Chowman said...


1st: sorry, I hold the teams I root for to higher standards. No kay sera sera for me. Don't you want more than a winning record? More than beating OSU? More than winning the B1G? You satisfied with going to the CFP and being completely overmatched?
2nd: got news for you, don't think OSU is all that either. both things can be true. maybe the B1G is just garbage this year, Michigan and OSU might just not be as stanky.
3rd: so? it was game 11! he can't develop? that's my angst, this staff has done nothing to develop the passing game. in fact, they've shelved it, back to the over reliance on the run. guys like you were telling me JJ was going to be the player to put us over the top. to take the UofM offense to levels not seen in a long long time, maybe ever. got news for you, its not JJ, its the offensive playbook, its the OCs, and its Jim, not necessarily in that order.
4th: don't care! Johnny smokes crack so its ok for me to smoke crack too? Kentucky was embarrassed by Vandy, and even though they weren't expected to win, many sharps were picking them to cover against GA. And there were many that expected yesterday was the day TCU got popped. Baylor can't stop a high school football team, but they can put points on the board.
5th: again so! so that means you shouldn't try to be. my point, I guess has missed you. Michigan had one of the weakest schedules in the FBS, instead of working on the passing game, instead of getting JJ reps and comfortable, Jim and the staff chose to do what they know. Again, a 1 dimensional team will eventually lose.
6th: what does that even mean? Michigan's quality? you confuse beating up on some very inferior flawed teams quality? again, point 2, I hold the teams I root for at a higher standard. Not a fan boy!

ScottyDoggs said...

I give Harbaugh credit for being patient and kicking a field goal at 4th and 11 (with just a hand full of minutes left)... I would have panicked and went for it .... calm, cool, and collective ... but then again this is not Harbaugh's first rodeo. (Also, I guess that is why he is the coach and not me!) What happened to our 72% pass completion rate? Injuries to top two tight -ends windy games, and the dropsies'? Bo always said a great team can play with injuries, but too many of them and you can't be 100% up to snuff. ..

Unknown said...

We are in good hands with Harbaugh.
We are 11-0. That doesn't happen too much.
Ohio State struggled, Tennessee lost, Georgia struggled, USC struggled, TCU struggled.
When push came to shove, Michigan did what they had to do - despite multiple injuries.
WRs have to catch those balls, though....but I think they know that.
The Anthony miss that TD would have put the game away.

szanreno said...

Michigan's strength of schedule was rated as 29th of 131 teams so... I've looked at several message boards and there is someone bitching on all of them. 11-0 and their bitching?!? And it is also true that one dimensional teams do eventually lose, but then again, so do two dimensional teams. So I'm not sure of that point...
I was at a high school football game the other night, playoff time. The home team was struggling against a lesser opponent and it was pretty much a stalemate until the late field goal in the second quarter put them up 3-0 at the half. I had a guy tell me at halftime that he'd be more than happy to take those three points and go home right now a winnner.
Relax and enjoy... Go Blue!

Justwin said...
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Justwin said...

Agree with last 3 posts. 11-0 is an accomplishment. And all the top teams struggled yesterday. Of course we all want Mich to win the national champs each year. But it’s a competitive sport, and Mich’s academic standards puts on hand behind our back.

Enjoy and relax… good thinking :)

MichiganMan said...

Guys I just came back from Dubai this morning... I'm reading the messages All I have to say I love it when plan comes together... Chowman don't argue with these high school dropour they have no idea about anything especially football... I guarantee you Michigan will lose to Ohio State next week... We have no passing game they are going to load the box stop a run...

OSU 42 US 10

Goblu said...

Let’s make a bet. What score would you leave this Blog? If it’s 42-10, as you predict - I will not post again. What score will you walk away from posting?

szanreno said...

I knew that post above would get his plane to land. So predictable. Hahaha...

MichiganMan said...
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MichiganMan said...

PhD boy I do not want you to leave or anyone...but I do respect everyone honest opinion...keep fandom aside and provide only honest analysis.. of course I want Michigan to win but when you're one dimensional like chowmen said is easy for any team or any bad team to beat any good team... If you really want me to leave if the score is opposite to what I predicted it I will leave

Blue for life

MichiganMan said...

Chowman said he will leave too that will only leave high school dropouts to stay...

Bluford Life
bring down bound to OSU

MichiganMan said...

Chowman you forgot to mention that we won the national championship for the past 25 years... We are the best we are the number one we are undefeate.. we could beat any NFL team where powerhouse no one can touch us we are best... Our record is 1,695 --- 0.... This is what these people want to hear... They don't care about your honest analysis and opinion

Blue for life

Justwin said...

I’ll join the bet. If your Ohio team wins by 30+, I’ll not post any comments again. How about you say what score you’re willing to risk not leaving comments any longer?? You said you want informed opinions and analysis. Ok. So show us that you’re smarter than us and make a commitment that you’re willing to live up to.
And no one here is predicting a Mich win - so it’s not flipping the score. You say Michigan will lose by 32 points. Ok, how about if Michigan loses by 14 points or less (or they win, of course), then you stop?

szanreno said...

UM +7.5 -110
OSU -7.5 -110
O/U 54

Place your bets gentlemen...

(Bucknutsboy will never leave, he has nothing else, Sad really...)

MichiganMan said...

Guys I do not want anyone to leave I will leave if Michigan loses by more than 14 points.... I will go to OSU blog and tell them to hire Don Brown as their defensive coordinator..

Blue for life

Justwin said...

Ok. He will leave if Michigan loses by 14 or less. And obv if Mich wins, he leaves. I’m good with that.

szanreno said...

He's not going anywhere. What else does he have? His posts beg attention. This blog is probably the only social interaction he gets, so no, he's not leaving. Hahaha...