Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Should We Be Worried About the Passing Game?

Michigan has an elite rushing attack, with two great running backs, a very strong offensive line, and a  quarterback that can run a 4.5.  Michigan ran both MSU and PSU out of the Big House.  Jimmy loves this type of football and his program is doing it at a high level right now.  At 246 yards per game, Michigan's rushing attack ranks #5 in the nation.  

Michigan's passing attack is another story, at 223 yards per it ranks 86th in the country.   While Jimmy is the head coach, if Michigan can win by running the ball they will.  The issue is, can Michigan beat Ohio State by just running the ball?  My guess is no.  

There have been a couple of issues in the passing game this year.  One, JJ has a live arm but at times can have accuracy issues.  Two, Michigan passes in very predictable times during the game (like on a 3rd and 7). 3rd, the deep ball has been non-existent in this offense.   This offense is designed to throw short and keep the chains moving.  That is why Schoonmaker is having a nice season.  Still, I would like to see more Roman Wilson, Andrel Anthony, and Ronnie Bell on deep crossing routes.   

The lack of passing game is also hurting Michigan scoring TD's in the Red Zone.  On those JJ sweeps, there needs to be a passing option to keep the DB's honest and give him more running yards to gain.  A secondary concern is that Cade is still out with an injury.  The back-up options are cloudy at best.  

Verdict: I'm moderately concerned.  We need to see that area of the offense get some more confidence and touchdowns.  Hopefully, that can be accomplished prior to the trip to Columbus. 

  • Breaking News: Michigan Basketball just got a new commit in the 2023 class. 4-star SG George Washington III is now a Wolverine. (Former OSU commit)
  • As I'm sure you know by now, there was another ABC/ESPN tunnel video released.  Seems MSU suspended mostly the right guys, but forget about their star LB Jacoby Windmon, who was involved in the Germon Green assault.  It's also fair to say, that there were a few MSU players trying to break it up and getting players into the locker-room.  
  • Green has hired famous attorney Tom Mars and will be pressing charges 
  • Harbaugh expects criminal charges filed
  • Auburn fired its head coach on Halloween, the SEC has had 52 different head coaches since Saban was hired at Alabama. 
  • There are 8 openings right now and the calendar is just turning to November.   How many will we have on 12/1?
  • Michigan Hockey has the #1 team in the nation right now. 
  • Georgia lost its highly ranked edge rusher Nolan Smith to a torn pectoral muscle, prior to the big game against Tennessee.  Florida threw Brenton Cox off the team on Monday. 


Chowman said...

Crump should not only be kicked out of MSU but kicked out of the B1G. That could of been far worse. And if MSU and Mel Tucker don't suspend Windom for the rest of the season for aiding and abetting, then both the University and Tucker should face fines and in Tucker's case suspension. Love how many of my dumb MSU alum relatives and friends are trying to equate Edwards stupid retweet to this felonious assault!

Brady2017 said...

Chowman, I totally agree!

Justwin said...

This is from ESPN… a stat I’ve been looking for.

“ McCarthy is throwing only 12% of his passes 20-plus yards downfield, 91st among the 132 passers with at least 100 attempts, and no one on the Michigan team has caught more than two such balls.”

Rudy said...

Again, all Sparty did was proved all the claims of being hood rats correct. Tucker should not escape this unscathed.
I don’t expect the B10 to do much and they are WEAK!
I hope this will at least affect their recruiting class and that every school out there reminds Sparty recruits that this school is nothing but a punk school.

Rudy said...

As I’ve heard stated previously; there are coaches that build teams and coaches that build programs. Living off the portal is simply trying to build a team that wins immediately. That’s Sparty. Problem is, they don’t build a culture or identity like that. Jimmy has paid his dues building a program. It shows. UM football isn’t perfect and shouldn’t claim it, but it’s a far superior program and culture than what the hood rat school in lansing is proving to be.