Friday, November 25, 2022

Ohio State Preview

Time: 12:00
Location: Ohio Stadium 
Weather: 50, no rain 
TV: Fox (Johnson & Klatt)
Line: Michigan +8

Michigan last win in Columbus was in the year 2000.  Remember that year, when we thought, every computer was going to seize up and cause the world economy and power grid to collapse?  That was a long time ago.

Michigan did remove the monkey off their back, last year by beating the Buckeyes in Ann Arbor by doing 2 things really well;  Running the ball and pressuring the QB.  Now, it's time to see if the Wolverines can do it again.  Everyone knows what's at stake, but the Big Ten Championship game and CFP are secondary to being the winner in the best rivalry in college football.  

Dear Jimmy, 
Here we are again the day before The Game.  This time you're taking your undefeated Wolverines down to Ohio to face the undefeated Buckeyes.  For people in the media and those that aren't close to this rivalry, they will talk about all the stakes that are associated with this game.  For those of us that live with this rivalry all our lives, those things don't matter come noon on Saturday.  It's just Michigan vs. Ohio State and nothing else matters.  

I really like the team you have put on the field this year, your offense line and running game is exactly what a Michigan team should be.  Your defense doesn't have superstars but it has the will and the ability to do whatever needs to be done to win the game.   It's time to see how good your team really is.  

The last few weeks, I've had concerns about Michigan looking ahead and not taking their current opponent seriously, I believe those concerns were well founded.   I'm now concerned with two issues going into The Game: Where's the pass rush?  Michigan will not win on Saturday if you let Stroud have time to pick apart the Michigan secondary.  If Minter can't scheme a rush, this will be a long day for our beloved program.  Secondly, Ohio State's going to load the box and ask JJ, and the Michigan TE's and WR's to beat them.   I know that is everyone's plan that lines up against the Michigan offense and nobody yet has succeeded.   The problem is neither of your two superstar RB's are healthy.   Corum is having a Heisman finalist type of year and Edwards might be the best offensive player you have.  We hope they both play but they have to dominate for a Michigan win.   The back-ups won't be able to get the job done.  

I know I'm preaching to the choir about those two issues, but it's important for you to know us fans recognize it and hope you have a great plan on both sides of the ball.  Ohio State has NFL WR's all over the field, just like last year, and there is talk about Harrison going #1 in the NFL Draft.  This game is really going to show if Jesse Minter is a defensive wizard or not.  He has to come up with the best scheme and defensive plan of his life, to shut down this offense.  

I love this team and want nothing more than a Michigan win on Saturday.  As I write this post my head and heart are in complete conflict.   I want to see the exact outcome that we had last year, but I just don't see it with all the injuries Michigan has.  When you take Michigan's best players off the field, your team becomes a team that needs a field goal to beat Illinois and not one that can upset the #2 team in the nation on the road.  I don't see Michigan being able to keep pace with Ohio State's offensive skill players.  Your program has to score multiple touchdowns in the red zone and not just field goals.  Please make me look stupid for this prediction and play Michigan Football. 

Ohio State 31 Michigan 20


Blue said...

Michigan 34 - Ohio State 31

Brady2017 said...

Coming from someone that played the game, if you go into it thinking you're gonna lose, then you've already lost. Very disappointing to see any true blue fan picking against Michigan. 11-0 isn't good enough? Leading the country in several categories isn't good enough? Am I on a MSU blog?? Get some balls, people! UM- 31, OSU- 27.

Brady2017 said...

Blue you're my boy! I salute you!

ScottyDoggs said...

We can win ... some of Ohio States games were not roll overs, and now they face a 11-0 team. Let's see who plays, how many Michigan "walking wounded" show up to do battle. If Corum is still hurt, why on earth did he pass out turkeys for half a day... when he should of rested his knee to cut down on inflammation, therefore I think you will see 100% Corum. Go Blue ... go Herbaugh!

Chowman said...


11-0 but who have we played. Even the most ardent UofM fan knows the schedule was weak. To be fair, I don't think OSU is that good either, but I guess we are fixing to find out. Both teams are flawed. OSU doesn't have a running game, Stroud hasn't looked as good without Smith-Njigba, and their defense hasn't looked much better than last year lately. UofM: the passing game has been all but nonexistent over the past few weeks. As dominant as the running has been, the top 2 RBs are dinged up. Defensively, we haven't been generating much of a pass rush. Letting Stroud sit back in the pocket is a recipe for disaster. He's not a mobile QB, and doesn't like to have move around. That being said, he will take off and run if he has too. UofM NEEDS to put pressure on him, but stay disciplined in their pass rush lanes.

szanreno said...

Harbaugh could use Chowman's post as a pre-game pep talk. Very inspiring..

dude1984 said...

With the uncertainty on the status of Corum and Edwards (yes they’re allegedly playing, but how healthy are they), I think Ohio State is going to sellout to stop the run. McCarthy has to be on, the WRs need to show up for a full 60., and the O-line, especially the tackles, need to have their best game of the season to this point. On offense, Michigan has be add in a decent amount of the following to their game plan:
• Play Action
• Read Option
• Short passing game
o Nothing wrong with checkdowns
• Delayed QB runs
• Rolling McCarthy out with a run/pass option
• Trick plays

On defense, Michigan needs to focus on not giving up big plays. Keep the safeties deep. Bend, but don’t break.

And finally the obvious…don’t turn the ball over and no stupid penalties.

Voice of Reason said...

What I've just realized from hearing from people that live in osu country and watching the opening of the game is that ohio state is more afraid of Michigan than Michigan is of osu. Interesting! IMHO!!!

Voice of Reason said...

Also interesting is that everyone is making the safe pick...osu. The pressure is on osu. Yes, I am a homer but I wouldn't pick against my Wolverines as good as they are now. IMHO!!!

Brady2017 said...

As the late, great, Ray Charles once sang, "Tell me what I say!"

szanreno said...

Today's game kind of makes some of the posts this week look like boogers...

MichiganMan said...

I am speechless wow 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

Blue For Life

szanreno said...

I believe the deal was you take a fricken hike. But as bucknutboys true colors he has nothing else...

MichiganMan said...

Indeed I am a man of my word I will walk away..

Blue For Life

Ron said...

We went into Columbus, and kicked ass GO BLUE 🏈

szanreno said...

Love that, "went into Columbus". Damn!!