Thursday, November 24, 2022

Big Ten Preview Week 13

It's the final weekend of the Big Ten season.  I really can't believe how fast this season went.  I'm still in some disbelief that it will be over on Saturday at 7:00.  The Big Ten has a potentially embarrassing Big Ten West Champion if Iowa beats Nebraska on Friday.  If they win, they're in, if they lose, Purdue would go if they can beat Indiana.   Iowa has been mocked nationally for their terrible offense and could back into another trip to Indy.  If Purdue goes, nobody cares. 

Nebraska @ Iowa (-10.5) Do you think the Big Ten will have a bunch of referees that live in Lincoln to officiate this game?  When the Big Ten finally gets rid of these divisions, Iowa will fade into irrelvancy.  Nebraska 14 Iowa 9

Rutgers @ Maryland (-14) Maryland Football motto should be, almost! These are very similar teams and Tua 2 is banged up.  Rutgers 14 Maryland 21

Illinois (-14) @ Northwestern: Brett Bielema has a decent team that has lost 3 games in a row.  How they're not in Inday is criminal.  Northwestern should be traded to the Ivy League for a super computer or something.  Illinois 24 Northwestern 7

Minnesota @ Wisconsin (3.5) This could be a good game.  Wisconsin looks to have a new head coach, which is the old DC and Row the Boat could be on the move with all these job openings.  This game should take about an hour and a half to play.   Minnesota 21 Wisconsin 20 

Purdue (-10.5) @ IU The Boilermakers will know if they are playing for a short car ride to Indy or a week off before kickoff.  Let's hope this game is for something.  Purdue 31 IU 24

MSU @ #11 PSU (-18) Tuck is comin and going to the bank with that contract.  If Sparty can't pull a major upset he will be going on vacation and not to a bowl game.  Which has to be quite embarrassing to the Spartan faithful that played in a major bowl game last year.   Sparty overpaid his contract twice and now it's a problem.   Penn State looks like maybe the Citrus Bowl or Cotton Bowl.  PSU 31 MSU 10


Justwin said...

Def need to get rid of the B10 divisions. Makes no sense to have such a weak West. But, also makes no sense to run the risk of back/back Ohio/Mich games every year or so. Think B10 should go back simply to win/loss record.

I’m still shocked by Tucker talking 100% of the bonus $. What a douche.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Unknown said...

Penn St. to the Rose Bowl. Michigan beats OSU and both go to the college football playoffs. So that leaves PSU to the Rose Bowl.

szanreno said...

No better way to build dedication than to steal their bonuses. Not only is he a football douche he is a humanitarian douche...

Voice of Reason said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all.IMHO!!!