Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wolverine Wednesday: Award Season

I've got two different takes on awards.  The first comes from my own experience with my son playing travel baseball.  Travel ball in Florida works like this:  There is a tournament almost every weekend, where you play 2 games on Saturday for seeding on Sunday.   On Sunday it's play until you lose until the final two teams are left.  So, the kids got wise that Saturday is not a big deal and would usually go 1-1.  Then on Sunday they could play 5 or 6 games and sometimes finish at 10:00 or later at night a few hours away from home.  The championship games were terrible with a bunch of tired kids and no pitchers left.   The winner gets to take home a 4-foot cheap-looking trophy.   We played all day for that piece of sh*t?  Most of time, the kids had more fun destroying it in the parking lot.    That award was not so great. 

In corporate America, it is now common to make sure your employees are recognized for the good work they do.  It might not be a bonus check but a special recognition app that goes to everyone in the company when you have done exceptional work.   Studies show making employees feel recognized for their effort goes a long way towards loyal employees.   In this case, good recognition! 

Last year, Jim won a couple National Coach of the Year awards, but somehow didn't win Big Ten Coach of the year as that honor went to The Portal King Mel Tucker.  This year his team had a losing record, got into a tunnel incident, and Mel kept his assistants bonus money.   Bad choice and bad recognition.  Mel did turn that award into a $95M contract, so good job MSU administration! 

Here is a list of this year's accolades so far:

  • Jimmy Big Ten Coach of the Year 
  • Jake Moody Big Ten Kicker of the Year 
  • Mike Morris Big Ten Defensive Player and Lineman of the Year 
  • Mazi and Morris finish 1st Team All-Big Ten 
  • Junior Colson was named 2nd and 3rd team All-Big Ten 
  • Michael Barrett 3rd Team 
  • DJ Turner 2nd/3rd
  • AJ Henning 2nd Team for returns 
  • Sainristil, Green, Paige, Moore, Harrell, and Jenkins got honorable mentioned
The reason some players are on 2 teams is due to the media and coaches each having a team. 

Offense is expected out today. 

National Finalists:
  • Doak Walker - Corum 
  • Outland - Olu 
  • Lou Groza - Moody 
I would consider this good recognition. 

  • Michigan Basketball lost to the #3 team in the nation last night at home.  It might have been one of the better efforts of the season so far, but came up a basket short.  
  • Michigan lost one of its highest ranked players in the 2023 class when 4-star defensive athlete Colling Acheampong flipped to Miami.  The rumor mill is saying that Colling is having some family issues and Miami's NIL is off the charts right now as they rebuild.  Can't blame a kid for following the dollars. 
  • Trent Dilfer to UAB.  If you're UAB why not?


Goblu said...

Acheampong leaving is a bummer. Feels short-sighted, but I get it.

Izzo's take on the MSU penalty is bizarre. Is he losing it, or just a total MSU homer?? I've lost respect for him entirely.

Chowman said...

So money talks, BS walks. I know there are people saying a Michigan education is worth more, but many of these recruits aren't looking for an education. Many just barely squeaked or were pushed thru HS cause they were really good at football. They are only thinking about getting to the league! Is Michigan better than Miami than for putting guys in the league? I don't know, haven't checked the stats, but both have national brands and until recently both haven't done much on the football field. Look you want to claim being a big time football program you win championships. Until last year Michigan hasn't done much of that in the past 2 decades. So with the reality that most college football players never even sniff the league, and even those who do average about 3 years before they are done, I don't blame the kid. If Miami wants to give him some crazy NIL money, he'd be stupid to turn it down. Bird in the hand, baby, bird in the hand! Now if you don't like the NIL deal, sorry I can't help you! It's the new landscape of college football.

Chowman said...


Izzo is just voicing what a lot of Spartans are feeling, that the whole tunnel incident was just boys being boys. I have a co-worker that's an Moo U alum, I call him my little brother, he calls me big brother. anyway, he was all upset, he supposedly heard Green called some of the MSU players derogatory names, so he deserved it. I go ok, so you call me a name, is it ok if I beat you to the ground with a football helmet???? Crickets! Exactly!

Hays67 said...

Totally do not understand DJ Turner getting 2nd team and Sanristil getting Honorable Mention....

Chowman said...


I thought Turner had a way better season last year. This year he was getting beat on jump balls. As far as Sanristil, at first blush I agree, but then are we too close to the story. I mean to convert from a slot receiver to be a slot corner and play like he did was absolutely amazing. But were there better slot corners out there in the B1G? I can't say, I couldn't even name another B1G slot corner.

Hays67 said...

Yeah, I see what you're saying. I like DJ. I just thought Sanristil had a more consistent season.

Justwin said...

So googled Mich recruiting and this story popped up. Really interesting and kinda funny how Ohio blogs are thinking about this It really seems waaaay more life/death of a game for them. I love The Game (when we’re winning), but man do they take this shit seriously!!

Rudy said...

When it rains it pours at Cockeye U; the nice OH recruit we picked up had some shade to throw at the home state clowns. Said the in-state boys are taken for granted, not offered early and expected to sign. Also said he felt some negative vibes on his visit. He's just one take but he's a 4-star and it reflects on Ryan BeDay that he isn't handling business at home.

szanreno said...

Read the article as well. Said stover dropped a 4th down catch, overthrown, and a td, swatted away. Was surprised to read that the osu dc never watched last year's game. It's an important game for sure but get real folks. More excuse making if you ask me...