Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Michigan Tuesday: Cade Enters the Portal

Current Michigan captain and Big Ten Champion QB Cade McNamara has decided to enter the transfer portal.   This decision I'm sure was not made lightly but was predictable after he lost his starting job to JJ and a long-term knee injury that he recently got repaired in LA.  

Cade should be celebrated for what he did for Michigan's program.  He came into a 2020 game against Rutgers where the Wolverines were down 17-0 and came back to win.  2020 was of course a throw away COVID year, but it was the tipping point for a big change in the program.   Cade played smart and was very effective as Michigan's QB, I wish him nothing but success at his next school.  He will be transferring as a graduate transfer, meaning he will leave with his Michigan degree and most likely have 2 years to play, as he played less than 4 games this season due to the injury. 

  • Michigan got its 4th commit from Ohio since last Friday and 3rd after The Game, the latest is 2023 4-star defensive athlete Jason Hewlett from Youngstown, OH.  His offers included UK, WVU, NC State, UC, BC, and VTech. 
  • The Big Ten finally got to the Tunnel Penalty.  Seemed accurate and Michigan getting a slap on the wrist was probably warranted as well.  As those security folks, didn't seem to do anything. 
  • Erick All is going to come back to Michigan after his injury year. 
  • Hugh Freeze gets the Auburn job.  I think he should hire Scott Frost so they can have Freeze and Frost this holiday season. 
  • Donovan Edwards is the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week
  • Big 10/ACC Challenge is coming to an end due to the loss of ESPN's contract for Big Ten games.
  • Speaking of the Challenge: Michigan plays Virgina tonight at Crisler.  
  • Jesse Minter's name keeps coming up with the Cincinnati job.
  • George Helow's name has come up in the FAU search. 


Ron said...

Did Eric all announce that he's coming back for sure I haven't heard that anywhere or seen that anywhere?

Blue said...

Michigan TE Erick All announces he will return to the program next season. All has been out the majority of the season (back) and had surgery a number of weeks ago. He and Colston Loveland figure to be a formidable duo at the position.
(First reported by

Cade McNamara was a leader, and played a major factor in the 2021 turnaround - Only the best for Cade!

FWIW, I miss the call of Brandstatter & Dierdorf this season. Then again, I missed Ufer after Beckmann took over the play by play voice of the Wolverines, then I missed Beckmann when Brandstatter first took over the call. I guess what goes around does at times come around, where hopefully today's play calling/color analyst returns to (in my perspective) its original exuberance.

Unknown said...

do not let jessie minter go anywhere!!!!!

Brady2017 said...

Shouldn't Cade waited until Michigan's season is over before transferring? Seems like he's bailing on his teammates. Guess he doesn't want a ring.

Brady2017 said...

Blue- I agree, the call from Doug Karsch doesn't sound professional. Like a guy in a bar fooling around pretending to be an announcer.

Tim said...

Brady - it does seem like Cade leaving too early, but with Michigan (hopefully) playing into January he is probably wanting to enroll in early January for the spring semester and play spring ball for his new school. Just a guess.

ScottyDoggs said...

Anyone care to bet that the unknown poster is non-other than our beloved Michigan -Man? Made many comments before like this! Over 95% confident it's our Man (boy).

Chowman said...


Karsch has gotten better. I listened to the spring game replay and he was horrid. Had to listen to part of the UConn game as I had to take my daughter somewhere. It was better than the spring game, but not much. Then I listened to most of the 2nd half of the OSU game as my TV (streaming) the audio kept fading in and out. so watched the game, but listened to Karsch and Jansen. Didn't think they did too bad. I too go back to the days of Bob Ufer, and nobody will ever fill his shoes. When I heard Karsch for the spring game, I didn't think he'd make the season. Plus I'm not a fan of his on 97.1, he can be a bit condescending!

Chowman said...

As for Jesse Minter: Jim and the school need to open the check book and make him the highest paid DC in the B1G. I didn't have high hopes after Mikey D left and they replaced him with Minter, but I think Jesse has been better than Mike. Part of it is he didn't have dominant edge rushers to rely on, so he had to scheme and game plan more than McDonald had to. I'd be hard pressed to name the last Michigan coordinator who has make the right adjustments out of the half as consistently as Minter has! Still have PTSD from Don Brown!

szanreno said...

Agree on Unknown.

I was wondering about Karsch. The little I've heard him he does not get you into the game?!? Like he's straining. Ufer and Beckman for me...