Monday, December 26, 2022

Michigan Monday: Game Week = Too Early Look At TCU

Welcome to game week!  It's hard to believe that on the same field The GOAT Tom Brady was winning an ugly game on Christmas night, our beloved Wolverines will be taking on the TCU Horn Frogs in 5 short days.  

As I understand it, Michigan will be heading down to PHX today, will get settled, and start preparations for the game on Saturday.  I'm usually for the team having fun, taking a bite out of the local flavor, but this is a business trip and I hope everyone is focused and prepared for Saturday.  #businesstrip

TCU Horn Frogs (12-1) 

Best Win: @ #18 Texas 17-10

Worst Loss: #10 KSU 31-28

Pass: 273 yards per (25th in the country)

Run: 200 (25th)

Score: 40 points (6th)

Give up: 25 (74th) 

This is a Big 12 Team if I ever seen one.  #1 goal is to outscore you, because they will give up a few points on defense.  It's interesting to me that they are 25th in both Passing and Rushing but have the #6 scoring offense.  Sounds like they have played some poor defenses. 

Michigan will need to have a plan for Max Duggan, the guy plays with a ton of heart and basically carried the entire team on his back in the Big 12 Championship game.  Michigan has had issues in the past with mobile QB's and Max isn't afraid to run at any time.  Max meet your shadow, Michael Barrett. 

  • Eddie George lost a bet to Taylor Lewan and had to wear his Michigan jersey and sing The Victors! 
  • The Big Ten Network had both back-to-back Michigan wins over Ohio State playing on Christmas day!
  • I hope Tom Brady gets some offensive lineman for Christmas!
  • Poole had a nice Christmas scoring 32 in a Warriors win and got started early on his holiday celebration after getting thrown out in the 4th. 
In the comments, what was your best Michigan gift?  I got my son a framed copy of the Michigan over OSU win and Big Ten Championship from the Daily.  

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Unknown said...

My daughter gave me a 12 X 14 picture of Cazzie Russell holding the two basketballs outside of a then being built Crisler arena. She hand painted the frame herself. Cazzie is the reason I am a Michigan fan after I watched him play a game on the Big Ten Game of the Week in 1964. He is my favorite Wolverine.