Monday, January 23, 2023

Michigan Monday: 2 Days of Quiet?

After the Matt Weiss fireworks on Friday, it seemed like a normal quiet weekend for the Michigan Football Program.  They hosted a junior day and did some other recruiting.  Let's get to a few bullet points:

  • Jimmy has an in home with 2023 5-star athlete Nyck Harbor on Tuesday.  Rumors are that Michigan no longer leads in his recruitment and this will be an important visit/meeting.  As you know, Michigan is void of any 5 stars in the 2023 class and will need players like Harbor to continue to compete at the next level of college football. 
  • Michigan Basketball struggled to beat the Golden Gophers at home on Sunday, but did get the W. 
  • Michigan Football will be making some changes to the tunnel and will be removing a few seats from that area. I believe the purpose is to make it wider, not separate it into 2 tunnels.
  • Chad Henne made a quick appearance in the Chiefs playoff game this weekend and even threw a TD pass. 
  • Ed Reed could not come to terms with Bethune Cookman to become their next football coach. 
  • Not a ton of rumors about who will replace Matt Weiss.  If you made me guess, I would say Sherrone Morre gets the full OC job and Michigan promotes former ODU OC Kirk Campbell who is currently on staff to a QB coach or Pass Coordinator role.
  • Brock Purdy and Jalen Hurts played against each other in college when Hurts was at Oklahoma.  The Sooners won 42-41.
  • The realization just hit me that there are only 3 football games left this season.  😞


Blue said...

For those that may of missed last Saturday's unbelievable performance by the UM women's 4x400m Relay ....

Agree in not rocking the boat, Sherrone Morre as full OC, Kirk Campbell QB coach.

Voice of Reason said...

I'm wondering how the coaching carousel will (if at all) affect Michigan after the Super Bowl. I am also wondering if Michigan had or will have their Olympic athletes speak to Nyck Harbor about how his participation could contribute to our Olympic legacy and how he can make a name for "himself" through this program. IMHO!!!

Voice of Reason said...

Blue - Saw the video thanks, it was very inspirational and made me proud. IMHO!!!

Rudy said...

There's more on the GA story tragedy coming out. The players and the Staff were leaving a strip joint when they crashed two miles away. ESPN pretty mum on the whole story, yet had the Weiss story front line. I feel for these kid's families but there's much more to be concerned about with staff and players leaving strip bars and quite possibly drunk, than their is to JH taking a couple of kids out for burgers. ESPN is true garbage, not just because of this story, but because they stopped being the best sports outlet and decided they wanted to be a network of narratives. Dbags!

Brady2017 said...

Rudy, I agree. Good post! Media in general is scum. (Aside from our beloved Bighouseblog)