Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Hey Coach, Can You Coach QB's?

Jimmy has been hitting the phones looking for a new QB coach.  The thinking is that Moore will get the full OC gig and Jimmy is looking for a QB Coach or Passing Coordinator to replace Matt "Watergate" Weiss.  

  1. Brian Greise - Former Michigan National Championship winning QB, NFL QB, Monday Night Football analyst, and currently 49'ers QB Coach (See Brock Purdy).   Would be a great hire for another Michigan Man to come home, don't know if he would be interested as his team is making a run for the Super Bowl currently.  Though, when you get the call to go home?  Brian was also very critical of Michigan Football in 2020 and prior and thought Jimmy should be removed.  I assume that situation is water under the bridge. 
  2. Tee Martin - Former National Champion QB at Tennessee, played 5 years of professional football, had a number of college coaching jobs including USC, and at Tennessee.  Currently, the WR coach at the Ravens for John.  Known as a top tier recruiter. 
  3. Tavita Prichard - Former Stanford QB and spent his entire coaching career at Stanford.  He is currently the OC/QB Coach.  Played for Harbaugh at Stanford of course. 
  4. As I mentioned yesterday, Kirk Campbell, who is on staff, is also a candidate. 

It's hard not to want Greise to come home but Tee Martin is known as a strong recruiter and that position needs a strong recruiter.  I'm not that familiar with Prichard or Campbell, but when it comes to QB coaching, in Jimmy I trust.  I do like the idea of Greise going into a QB's house wearing his NC ring. 
  • Okie as expected is following his HS head coach to play at Charlotte.  I appreciate the loyalty with Biff, but wonder if that is the right decision for his career.  He will get many more snaps with Biff but won't be on national TV every week. 
  • Looks like Saban is in the market for a new OC as BOB goes back to the Patriots
  • 2023 DL and Stanford commit Cam Brandt will make his decision this weekend and is coming off an official visit to Ann Arbor last weekend. 
  • The best coach on the Cowboys Dan Quinn is getting a second interview with the Cardinals today and still a top prospect for the Broncos and Colts.  I'm betting he has a new head coaching gig my Friday.  Jerry Jones who has always wanted Sean Payton as a head coach, seems like he is going to let this opportunity pass him by. 

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Rudy said...

Griese would be another feel-good story for the team, but I'll take winning over feel good! Also, to kick the dead horse; ESPN still not talking much about the GA football tragedy. Also don't seem to want to dig much on the FL NIL paying a kid $13M, then reneging and the kid backing out. Seems like a story there. Nope....Weiss is bigger as is getting some burgers. ESPN sucks....but this is not news.