Thursday, January 19, 2023

Michigan Thursday: The Guy Watches a lot of Judge Judy

Something new/different every day.  Never Boring. 

Yahoo's Dan Wetzel is reporting that talks between the NCAA and Michigan have hit an impasse as Jimmy will not say or sign a document stating he lied to the NCAA on something he didn't recall at the time.  Some important paragraphs from the article below:

According to sources, Harbaugh has acknowledged his program committed four Level II violations, as the NCAA initially alleged. He has further apologized to the university that they occurred. However, he has refused to sign any document or publicly state that he was ever untruthful with the enforcement staff.

During two meetings this week, the NCAA and Harbaugh held firm and refused to back down from their positions. The NCAA said the coach lied. The coach said he merely forgot otherwise insignificant actions. An impasse resulted.

Additionally, it is generally challenging to prove someone knowingly lied without detailed contemporaneous evidence, which sources say the NCAA either lacks or simply doesn't exist.

Isn't it funny when smart people do really dumb things?  The NCAA has spent hours and thousands of dollars investigating if Harbaugh bought a couple hamburgers for two recruits.  Enough already!  Now you've spent two days and more money pressuring Michigan and its head coach into saying he did lie?  The NCAA is lacking power as amateurism becomes something of the past, it's time for them to settle this and move on.  It seems neither Harbaugh nor Michigan is moving from its stance, so it's your move NCAA.  Drag this out for another 2 years and see how it goes for you then.   Or let Judge Judy decide.

  • Michigan still seems to be trending for Jaydn Davis, I would prefer he committed sooner rather than later. 
  • Jim Schwartz is back in the NFL as the Browns DC.
  • The Portal is now closed until May. Players in the portal are still able to pick teams. 


Ron said...

He's doing the right thing, if he didn't intentionally lie then he shouldn't sign anything saying that he did

Blue said...

The way this seems to be trending I won't be surprised not seeing Jadyn Davis nor Nyckoles Harbor ending up at Michigan.

Depending how this ends with Weiss, if let go or even demoted as special advisor, would also love seeing Chris Partridge back at Michigan, one of the best recruiters in the nation (can he coach quarterbacks?).

With all the football chaos lately in the news it has helped to somewhat take the edge off the TCU loss, it is still tody a bitter pill for me to swallow, and I've swallow a many throughout the years. The toughest one being the 1974 Michigan-Ohio State game to determine the Big 10 Champion where Mike Lantry kicked a 38 yard field goal to win the game only to have a very controversial call by the officials rule it no good. Has Michigan since the Bo era ever won a championship game on a last second field goal?

ScottyDoggs said...

NCAA fighting over two harm burgs shows how downhill or irrelevant they have become. Jimmy is wisely not signing anything this pickle-gate? I like lots of pickles on my burger king whopper.

Brady2017 said...

Does the NCAA know that they're irrelevant?

Brady2017 said...

Hamburgergate seems like a 'little brother' type of revenge plot. The recruits who Jimmy bought lunch probably told another school they were being recruited by and that coach snitched to the NCAA. So the million dollar question is, who would want to take down Harbaugh? Leading suspects include Daye, Franklin, and Mr.Chrome Dome himself, Mel Tucker.

Cormac said...

What will the Michigan fans that wanted Harbaugh fired because he is/was a liar say? In my opinion, he is a pretty honest person.