Monday, February 20, 2023

Michigan Monday: Just Proud

Michigan and MSU are longtime rivals on the field of play, after last week we are all human and sometimes things are more important than a game.   The two Universities showed a ton of class and humanity on Saturday and played a basketball game.  I'm proud of everyone who participated in honoring the victims of the MSU tragedy.  I have a nephew at State and that tragedy really hit home for me and my family.  

The Michigan Basketball team had one of its better efforts on Saturday by going on a 12-0 to finish the game against MSU.  Dug and Kobe played well and it was sort of a coming out party for big man Tarris Reed.  Michigan continues its roller coaster season and hopefully puts a run together for an invite to the Big Dance. 

  • I watched a little bit of the XFL and it seemed like decent football.  I did like a few of the format changes, running clock, proactive booth reviews, interesting kick off idea, and the extra points are very cool.   I hope the Rock's $$ holds out to see how they do. Better make another Jumanji. 
  • I believe today is the first day of Spring Practice, which is hard to believe! Spring Game April, 1st. (That is not a joke 😀).

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Chas said...

How many of the 2023 class are enrolled and will be attending spring practice?