Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Wolverine Wednesday: Spring Things

There are two types of reports that come out of Spring Practice.  The first, I'll call the "Fred Jackson", where player X is killing it and will be an All-American next year.  The second is the boring stuff like who isn't participating, number and position changes.  Today, you get the boring stuff (sorry!):

  • LaDarius Henderson is not with the team yet and finishing up his degree at ASU. He might be a little behind, but is expected in Ann Arbor this summer.
  • Michigan has 11 TE's on the Spring Roster.
  • Alessandro Lorenzetti has moved from the offensive line to the defensive line.
  • Amorion Walker is now a WR/DB and changed his number from #4 to #1
  • Dominick Giudice has made the move from DL to OL 
  • Kalel Mullings is both LB/FB still 
  • WR Tyler Morris changed his number from 13 to 8
  • TE Max Bredeson changed from 82 to 44
  • OL Connor Jones 6o to 76

Early enrolled freshman numbers:

WR Semaj Morgan: #12

DB Jyaire Hill: #20

DB Cameron Calhoun: #22

RB Cole Cabana: #24

RB Benjamin Hall: #28

OL Amir Herring :#56

WR Fredrick Moore: #82

TE Zack Marshall : #83


EDGE Josaiah Stewart: #5

QB Jack Tuttle: #13

LB Ernest Hausmann: #15

OL Drake Nugent: #60

OL Myles Hinton: #78

TE AJ Barner: #89

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Voice of Reason said...

Amorion Walker's move to DB (at least part time), could likely have something to do with Michigan trying to give more speed to the defense especially after the TCU game. TCU was talking before the game about how their speed was going to overwhelm Michigan. IMHO!!!