Monday, March 27, 2023

Michigan Monday: Frozen 4

If you read this blog on a daily basis, you already know that I know nothing about hockey or cover that sport in any way.  What I do know is Michigan scored 11 goals on Friday and one more goal in overtime on Sunday afternoon to get to the Frozen 4 in Tampa.  Congratulations! Hockey School? 😀

  • Michigan Football's Summer Trip is set and they are heading out East to check out NYC, Washington DC, Gettysburg, PA, etc.   Please raise your hand if you did an Ann Arbor Junior High (pick one) bus trip to Washington DC?  That was the longest bus ride of my life. 
  • Gisele in an article says Jack Brady, wants to play QB for Michigan.  
  • Reports are that Junior Colson is walking around with a cast on his leg.  Just rumors at this point.
  • James "Biggie" Ross has been hired by Tulane as their LB coach.
  • Congrats to the FAU Owls on making the Final 4! My son is currently a student in Boca and will find out soon if he got tickets for Houston or not.  If he doesn't get them, "then Houston, we have a problem!"


Ron said...

Congratulations San Diego State, first ever trip to the final four 👍

Goblu said...

Penn St goalie stopped like 40 shots! Dude is a beast.

Wolverines are def a hockey school. I think we've been to more Frozen Fours than any other school. Bob - you can't grow up in Mich and not follow Wings and Wolverines hockey!

Steven Sieb said...

Per Colson’s IG, he has a cast. Awaiting word from the university as to how long he will be out.

Dvzk said...

I was born and raised in Ann arbor and I've always HATED plate was full playing and watching baseball, basketball, football. So it's possible to not follow the wings or Michigan hockey LoL ��

Rudy said...

Go ahead and offer Brady Jr now. Even if he never plays, it'd be great PR and you'd have a legend sticking around closer to campus and probably donating $$ to the program. During a blowout game you trot him out to take a couple snaps. Maybe, just maybe, he'll have enough of his pops in him to be the most underestimated QB in history.