Monday, March 13, 2023

Michigan Monday: I Hate to NIT Pick

As expected, our Michigan Wolverines Men's Basketball team did not make the NCAA Tournament and received a #2 Seed in the NIT.   The Wolverines will host Toledo on Tuesday night (at least they don't have to drive too far).   I'm torn between doing a North Carolina (who turned down a bid) to accepting a bid and playing more basketball.  If players are going to stick with the program, then it's a good move to play.  If they are going to bail for the draft or transfer portal then it's just more basketball. 

  • Congrats to the Michigan Wolverines Women's program that made the NCAA Tournament. 
  • Looks like the big football recruiting weekend is starting to pay off as 2024 4-star LB Aaron Chiles out of Maryland is trending towards a commitment to the Maize and Blue! 
  • Scottie Scheffler is really good at golf, I got to see him very close at the Arnold Palmer a week ago and he is very similar as he comes off on TV, very nice and goes about his business. 


Brady2017 said...

I would have turned down a bid as well. This team is a Downer. Don't rub salt in the wound.

Brady2017 said...

They showed highlights of Schefler shaking hands and signing autographs w the gallery. Seems like a likable guy.

Chowman said...

As a frustrated fan, I'm ready for the season to end. I just don't see the lights coming on and this team making a run just because they made the NIT.

Rudy said...

There is a positive. If you look at last year's NIT, you'll see a lot of teams that are in this year's NCAA tourney. Let's hope we follow that pattern. And for this year's team, there isn't one person who played NBA-ready...not one. They all need more time as their play showed.

Chowman said...

Rudy, there's reality and the NBA. nobody really thought Diabate or Houstan were ready, yet they both got drafted. In every mock and every prospect list, Jett Howard is middle teens. Either 15th or 16th. His name has fallen out lately, but about a month ago, Kobe Bufkins names was also being mentioned as a 1st round pick. Just takes one team to say, we like and want to draft you!