Thursday, March 9, 2023

Michigan Thursday: It's Down to This

Michigan Basketball played very well in March under Juwan Howard's leadership.  This Big Ten Tournament will test that theory as this team struggled most of the year. The upside is, this team has played better of late and could make a run to the NCAA, if they have a solid B10 Tourney.   That campaign starts today at Noon EST against Rutgers.   Michigan will need Hunter, Kobe, and Jett to be on top of their game.

  • Tom Brady shot down another come back rumor with a kitten video. 
  • Add 2024 OL Jake Guarnera to this weekend's visitors
  • Add 2024 TE Decker DeGraaf to this weekend's visitors 
  • Add 2024 LB Aaron Chiles to this weekend's visitors
  • Add 2024 LB Brian Robinson to this weekend's visitors 
  • Big visit weekend with even more 2025 and some 2026 recruits! 
  • Jim Boeheim is out at Syracuse, which makes Tom Izzo the longest tenured active Division I college basketball coach.


Brady2017 said...

The only thing bigger than Izzo's tenure with MSU is his gigantic ego. I've never seen a more obnoxious egomaniac before in my life. Everything is ME,ME ME, with this guy. He thinks he runs the school and everything revolves around him. He made it sound like he saved the school from the mass shooter. Ugggh! I hope he has a freakout moment like Bobby Knight and Woody Hayes and is forced to step down. Mark my words, with Izzo's temper, it will happen.

Brady2017 said...

Quick correction, Bob. The longest tenured Division One basketball Head Coach is Greg Kampe of Oakland University. Please don't feed Izzo's enormous ego any more than it has to.