Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Wolverine Wednesday: The Longest Week of My Life was Watching Michigan Play Toledo

Not exactly the famous Mark Twain quote, but close.  The NIT is an interesting dilemma for a team like Michigan.  If you win games, nobody really cares, but if you lose it's a disaster.   The Wolverines have a number of young players that need more floor experience, so from that perspective it's a good thing they continue to play games.  The issue is this is not a European Trip or a pre-season game and these games count. 

Michigan started a number of bench players and got outplayed by the Rockets in the first half.  The 2nd half the Wolverines started quickly and never gave up the lead the rest of the game.  

Speaking of how Juwan feels about the NIT: “We’re not going to cry over spilled milk,” Howard said. “We’re not going to act like we’re entitled. We’re not going to act like it’s beneath us. … We got chosen for the NIT. We respect the opportunity. We appreciate it. And we’re going to go out there and play.”

The Wolverines looked disinterested in the 1st half and will have to continue to play like they did in the 2nd if they're going to beat Stackhouse's Vandy team in Nashville on Saturday.  Jett did not play on Tuesday night and is considered day-to-day with an ankle injury. 

Insert your "another Sweet 16" jokes here. 

  • Joey Baker coming off his best game as a Wolverine will inquire about another year of eligibility with the NCAA and the Wolverines.
  • Chase is off to the Texans after an injury cost him most of last season in Cleveland. 
  • 4-star DE Brian Robinson from Youngstown is trending towards the Wolverines.  Don't forget Jadyen Davis will be visiting this weekend and connecting with new QB coach Kirk Campbell who seems to be an excellent recruiter and QB coach.  
  • If Michigan can lock up Davis, I think the Wolverines could have a monster 2024 class. 
  • The death of regional sports TV networks is happening as Bally Sports Network has filed for Chapter 11.  Look for this to hurt Major League Baseball at some point.  


Chowman said...

I watched a few Wings games this season, was the 1st time in a few years. That had been so God awful. Tuned in for a few Piston games to see Jaden Ivey, but they were pretty much unwatchable and their record validates that. I haven't watched the Tiger's in years. Had no interest in watching a broken down old Miggy chase 3000 hits. Our pro sports teams have been so bad for so long, who even wastes their time watching the product these teams put on the field.

Chowman said...

And if Davis leaves Ann Arbor w/o committing, then Michigan needs to move and and be all in on someone in the next cycle

Thom said...

Davis has going to commit since December. What makes anyone think he is going to commit now. Michigan just wasted a lot of time on him. Time to turn this soap opera off and move on.