Thursday, June 1, 2023

Michigan Thursday: Do Wolverines and Peacocks Mix?

As we keep mentioning here on the BHB, word is NBC is pissed at the Big Ten because of its late November no night game rule.  As I posted yesterday, they are also starting the season with 3 bad primetime games (I guess WVU @ PSU is not bad).  MSU and Penn State also threw NBC a bone as they will play on Black Friday in Detroit at Ford Field.  

Now, in what I can only consider another concession to NBC, Michigan's opener against East Carolina (𝅘𝅥𝅮 good times never seem so good) is going to be on the NBC streaming service Peacock.  Sign up and watch Michigan Football and re-runs of Law and Order.   I don't love this; in fact, I don't like it all. 

Michigan first 4 games times and TV:

East Carolina Noon Peacock 
UNLV 3:30 CBS 
Bowling Green 7:30 BTN
Rutgers Noon (TBD) 

Those are 4 games that should have a noon start and BGSU in primetime, is just silly.   That is just BTN getting its Michigan primetime game before the inventory dries up.  

  • Pistons pay a ton of money to an NBA coach that couldn't win with CP3, KD, and Book.  Good luck with the Pistons roster. 
  • Speaking of basketball, with guys pulling out of the NBA Draft last night hopefully open a few opportunities for Juwan to grab a few transfers.  Michigan Basketball needs them or next season is going to be rough. 
  • Ray J is expected to announce his transfer decision at noon today.  Michigan is not expected to be a factor in his decision.  
  • Michigan is favored by 36.5 points against ECU


Chowman said...

If the streaming thing becomes the norm and I'm pretty sure its the future, I'm done. I'm out. Sports has jumped the shark and I'm not paying another dime to watch any of it. I already pay enough for cable, not signing up for a bunch of streaming services.

As far as Monty Williams, Pistons had to do something, they are on the precipice of being irrelevant. The tanking for Wembayama blew up in their face. The Suns roster is dysfunctional. KD is done, he's not the KD of brooklyn, let alone GS or OKC. Ayton has become a cancer in that locker room. Paul is done as well, but he had a bad reputation until he went to NO and played under MW. Paul credited MW in upping his game and the main reason he approved the trade to the Suns. Bottom line: beggars can't be choosers. There's no line of guys wanting to be the next Pistons HC. so you got 2 choices, over pay a guy with experience who's made playoff runs or go with an unknown and maybe end up in the playoffs or perennial lottery picks.

szanreno said...

Those four games should be noon starts?!? That's GD right! Screws up my whole travel schedule. As I've stated before I'm no fan of the prime time games but BG is a dumpster fire of a matchup for the guys under blankets on the couch. See how TV dictates. Tail wagging dog...