Friday, June 2, 2023

Michigan Friday: Cornerback is a Concern

Reports came out yesterday that Will Johnson had knee surgery this off season and might not be back for the start of the season or will play sparingly in the first few games.  If Will can't go, that means Michigan would have 2 holes at the starting CB positions.  

Some good news is that the Don Brown CB transfer Josh Wallace was on campus yesterday and presumably still on campus today.  Let's hope Jimmy and Jesse Minter are putting on the hard sales pitch.  Josh is very much needed at this point in the off season. 

Jimmy spoke yesterday at a Detroit Event that used to be Sound Mind Sound Body.  He had a couple comments:

-Expects offense to be 50/50 run/pass
-The Shemy situation has changed the way they vett staff and coaches.   "Once I became aware of things that were offensive -- offensive to me, offensive to other members of our team -- [we acted]," Harbaugh said, according to "We didn't want that mindset around."

"I read the report myself," Harbaugh said. "We have a company that vets that -- social media -- and they came back and [cleared him]. We've got a new company doing that [now], but they've got to be better.

"I'll take responsibility for that," he said. "If somebody can find that in a day, then we have to be better ourselves."

  • In the something to watch file: ND, Miami, ASU, and USF are now members in the AAU (Association of American Universities).   For those that follow this situation, membership in the AAU has been (unwritten rule) prerequisite for entry into the Big Ten.  All current Big Ten members except Nebraska are in the AAU.  Nebraska was removed from the AAU in 2011. 
  • Ray J went to Baylor

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Cormac said...

I have heard and read that Will says he should be back and ready for the fall season. However, with the apparently easy schedule for the first several games, he might not have to start.