Monday, August 21, 2023

Breaking News: Michigan Self Imposes a 3 Game Suspension for Harbaugh

Why would they do that? 

Answer: East Carolina, UNLV, & Bowling Green

If Michigan is proactive, maybe the NCAA will take it at face value and put all this nonsense to rest.  Or if the NCAA considers it too light, they could add games to next year's schedule and Michigan would have the suspension over 2 years, instead all at once. 

Just like the proposed NCAA penalty, Jimmy will be able to coach during the week and have Saturday's off.

That is one expensive hamburger! 

Will update the story, once we know who the interim head coach is.  Harbaugh believes he has 4 assistant coaches that could be a head coach very soon.   My guess: Mike Hart.

Trivia Question: Which former Michigan QB will be a head coach in the Big House on 9/16?

Answer: Scot Loeffler 


Blue said...

Warde Manuel is one of the few AD's in the country who takes the NCAA clown show seriously, while dragging his feet on NIL.

It's hard for me to believe Harbaugh was fully aboard Manuel's directive of him missing 3 games over a hamburger.

If he was not, and Harbaugh walks at the end of season, Manuel should be right behind him watching the door doesn't hit him in the ass!

Tom said...

One WOKE organization giving into another WOKE organization.
When will the University of Michigan divorce itself from WOKENESS?

Wokeness is a failure. It's pathologic self-flagulation to no-one's benefit.

Wokeness is a sign of weakness, failure, and pathologic self-loathing. Stop it! It embarrasses everyone.

It's akin to a teenager cutting themselves for attention.

Rudy said...

Maybe this deal was happening behind the scenes and was the impetus for ncaa dropping theirs? And once those three games are over, then Jimmy can speak up and drop truth bombs. If this is Ward acting without approval of Jimmy, then Jimmy is done in AA. Massive rebuild expected next year and if a new coaching staff is involved….we could have another Hoke event coming. Better win the Natti now!

Tom said...

So basically Rudi admits the liberal who run the U of M have tried to destroy another great coach. Everything liberals touch goes to hell. Whether in Chicago, NY, SF, Austin, TX, or Ann Arbor.

Coach Harbaugh, if you're reading this, know that there are hard working, tax paying, law abiding Michigan grads out there who play by the rules and get shafted just like you are - by the NCAA, the press, and your own University.

Think of UM as it was it was under Bo. Honest, hard-working, fair, and merit based. Keep the program you are running going strong - just like Bo; you're a light on the hill for the good people who support UM who aren't woke losers. Don't let the liberal failures destroy what you're doing in Ann Arbor. You have our support, 100%. Always have. The left wants you penalized. We want you rewarded.