Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Like a Baseball Bat to the Kneecaps

When you're a college football head coach, your job never stops.  There are always practices to prepare for, alumni to meet, and recruiting is a full-time job.   You have 12 opportunities to show the value of your hard work to the university and fans of that program.  U of M and the NCAA has taken at least 3 games from Jimmy this season.  His thoughts on the suspension: "It’s more like a baseball bat to the kneecaps or to the shoulder. I’ve never missed three games unless it was for a broken arm or separated shoulder.” 

Two things are clear to me in that sentence, it's going to kill him not being on the sideline on Saturday and he still thinks like a player.   Jim also gave his opinion on players sharing in revenue and he is not sure what he is going to do on Saturday. 

  • Kirk Campbell has had a pretty good week.  Like I predicted, he will call the plays on Saturday and has OC experience.  His wife also delivered a beautiful baby girl on Monday morning.
  • Louisville transfer James Turner has won the place-kicking job and has big shoes to fill.  Speaking of Jake Moody, he injured himself in the NFL's pre-season.
  • There is no mystery about who the punter is as Tommy Doman is clearly the starter.
  • I've been grinding on what to do about Peacock for Saturday.  I signed up today and used this code NTSEL3HMWTDP54N for $2.50 a month for 3 months.  You can cancel at any time and the regular price of $6 a month kicks in after 3 months. (this is not an advertisement or endorsement, just trying to save BHB inmates a few dollars)
  • Other former Wolverines looking for jobs in the NFL: Carlo Kemp (Chargers), Daylan Baldwin (Browns), Lavert Hill (Steelers), Donovan Jeter (Giants), Nick Eubanks (Colts), and Taco Charlton (49'ers with an injury settlement). 


Ron said...

Didn't mention the battle at right tackle I told you myles hiton was going to be a good player he's really coming on

Brady2017 said...

Bob, let us know if you're going on vacation or something. Getting a little worried about you, you haven't posted in a couple days. Hope everything is alright, buddy.

Lee B said...

Thanks for the peacock code! Go Blue.