Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Wolverine Wednesday: Off The Board

We are 10 days away from Michigan Football, the Harbaugh suspension is now in place, and the submarine continues to remain air tight as the Wolverines prepare for the season. 

So, we need to go a bit off the board for topics today.

  • The much-awaited Florida Gators under Urban Meyer Netflix "Untold" Documentary was released on Tuesday and it's terrible.  It's basically the Urban Meyer and Tim Tebow story. the producers completely missed the story and barley touched on arrests, lightly touch on a fight Aaron Hernadez had while having dinner with Tebow.   I've never seen a documentary completely miss the story line.  Don't waste your time. 
  • Pelton is now making a Michigan Bike 
  • Reggie Bush is filing a defamation lawsuit against the NCAA for saying he was a pay-for-play athlete. 
  • Do we realize the Bowling Green game is a night game? 7:30 kick on BTN
  • Kobe Bryant would be 45 today.  Kentucky Basketball will be the first "Kobe" school.
  • Oregon is really pushing Bo Nix for the Heisman.  I think Michigan has 3 better candidates on its roster. 


MichiganMan said...

The end of season bow Nick's will have better numbers than two of the Michigan players combined

Blue for life

szanreno said...

Bucknutsboy, you want to bet?

Rudy said...

Also watching the Netflix show. Tebow was a quality man, but he came to FL as a good dude. The show doesn’t give urban nearly enough credit for the crime infested team and lack of character he fostered. Urban has been revealed in his coaching experiences and he’s a pure POS. If you’ve watched this series on NetF@cks, you’ll see how they continue to miss the real story. They try to curry favor for the least deserving of them.