Saturday, September 2, 2023

ECU Post Game

Jeremy Weine/Daily

You have to love the start of the season when it opens with a 30-3 win.  Michigan dominated the Pirates in pretty much every area and cruised to an easy win.  With every game, there are positives and negatives so enjoy the first Cheers and Jeers of the season! 

  • JJ put on a passing clinic and was tossing dimes all day.  A master class performance.
  • Temporary OC Kirk Campbell had a great day play calling 
  • The defense missing many players dominated prior to garbage time 
  • Roman Wilson after a bad drop, had a great day with 3 TD's and did the #1 jersey proud 
  • Blake and Donvan both had nice days, with ECU playing the run 
  • Offensive line in pass pro was elite 
  • Liked the Peacock booth 
  • Michigan got some favorable reviews from the officials 
  • Loved the Harbaugh tribute to start the 2nd series
  • Didn't love Turner as the place kicker.  He missed an extra point, hit a 50 yarder, and then shanked another one.  This could be a potential problem. 
  • Corum ran hard but doesn't have his speed back yet
  • Neither Blake or Donovan had 100 yards 
  • Michigan put good pressure on ECU's multiple QB's, but zero sacks
  • Had some issues with the Peacock feed being hazy at times
  • CB depth could be an issue 
  • JJ miss handles the snap for the potential cover
  • Jake Thaw had a bad decision on the first punt of the game 
Yes, a few nitpick things but an overall good preformance by the Wolverines in the first game of the season.  Biggest take away is that JJ seems so much better and one of the top QB's in the country.   I know the OL would've loved to have more yards on the ground, but every team is going to sit on the run for the Wolverines.  

Side note: I know TCU and Michigan are 2 different teams this season, but Michigan should have scored 100 points on that TCU defense in the playoffs.  Congrats to Coach Prime on his first win at Colorado.


Chowman said...

JJ was clearly over the LoS on the 1st TD. Hotta break there. Now the targeting, not sure how anyone can say he didn't launch himself at JJs head. Expected more from the OL. And kicking is a bit concerning

Cormac said...

I was hoping that TCU would win. I don't like Deion and I think he is a clown show.

szanreno said...

Due to unforseen circumstances I had to listen in on the radio broadcast, Karsch and Jansen were not that bad. Better than last year by yardstick. Getting better anyway, and I like listening to the radio broadcast. I'll pull n it up on YouTube this week for a watch but it sounded a bit pedestrian. Thoughts?

Decoyman said...

Have you been suspended Bob?

Brady2017 said...

Szanreno- I thought the same thing, the radio guys were solid. Karsch conveyed the action on the field clearly and I could follow him easily. He's the opposite of Dan Dickerson who has a great voice, but talks about everything except the game. Jansen is a superb color guy.

MichiganMan said...

Disappointed. Was expecting Michigan to score at least 50

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