Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Too Early Look at UNLV

Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday weekend!  Let's take a quick gander at the UNLV Running Rebels, who Michigan will be hosting on Saturday. 

New HC: Is former Missouri head man Barry Odom. (Bobby Petrino was the OC for like 5 minutes this off season before Texas A&M came calling)

1-0 with a win over Bryant week 1. In 2022 they were 5-7 with a 6-game losing streak. 

Hard to tell what type of team UNLV has with a lopsided 44-14 win over Bryant.  If you love the #4 this is the game for you!  Some things do jump out of the stats:

UNLV passed for 126 yards 
Ran for 283 yards 

I wonder what they prefer to do on offense?  Stop the run, win the game. 

Former Michigan QB Check:

Bowman 13/24 80 yards QBR: 19.3
McNamara 17/30 191 yards, 2 TD, QBR: 35.9
Milton 21/30 201 yards, 2 TD's, QBR: 68.3

Bowman did not get the start and Cade threw a few TD's early.  Erik All had 3 catches for 15 yards. 

  • Moore and Johnson are still questionable this week but Harbaugh says they have a chance to play. 
  • I see you, Duke.  O'Boy Dabo
  • What in the world happened to LSU in the 2nd half?  I was surprised Brian Kelly face didn't get purple. 
  • PSU is the #2 team in the Big Ten 
  • Tuck while at MSU has had 2 recruiting wins.  #1 Picking up the best RB in the country buried on Wake Forrest's depth chart and is now a Seahawk.  #2 Keon Coleman who is now at Florida State. 

My thoughts after a few days to consider the Michigan game:
  • Place kicking is a serious problem 
  • Every team is going to the TCU defensive model to stop the Wolverine running game. 
  • I have a feeling about Karmelo English at WR - keep an eye on #5 
  • JJ really improved this off season with his throwing accuracy and mechanics 
  • Pass rush would be my #2 issue 
  • I think Michigan can get away with lack of depth at DB early in the season


MichiganMan said...

Michigan need to come out firing on all cylinder...Rushing = 250,
Passing = 250, Sack = 4

Michigan 44 UNLV 10

Blue for life

Blue said...

Thought Grant was the best DT on the field last Saturday, his pressure generated Sainristil interception.

Watching Mullings run reminds me in part of power back Haskins.

Ernest Hausmann will end his career as being a more productive linebacker than Junior Colson with possible All-American recognition.

Placing my chips on Jones at RT over Hinton, Barnhart over Henderson, and a slight edge to Crippen over Nugent.

Priority #1 .. Keep J.J. healthy!

Snap Counts & PFF Grades

Chowman said...

I'm hoping the OL play is just new guys and guys playing different positions and they just need to gel and get reps together. I thought they played better later in the game, but the first couple of drives were a bit concerning. To me it seems like both Corum and Edwards were looking for the home run every carry. Thought Corum especially danced way too much and just needed to hit the hole. He didn't show the patience he's shown in the past, and maybe that a product of the knee injury. Not really sure what the injury was, but having had a ruptured quad tendon, it took a long time to feel confident about my leg. Bright side, that was the JJ McCarthy that I think we've all been waiting to see. I just hope that's going to continue and not just a by-product of the QB coach calling plays!

Defensively, thought the DTs played well, but would of liked to see at least a sack or two. The DL got pressure, but never got home. Thought the LBs played awesome, maybe the best LB rotation we've had in a long time. Secondary played well considering that unit was the most banged up.

Special teams.....oh boy. If its going to come down to a FG attempt at the end of the game, I'm not going to have any faith. The missed EP and then the make on the next TD were 2 of the ugliest kicks I've ever seen from a Michigan kicker. Maybe the last time I had such angst was Garrett Rivas the early years.

Rudy said...

Part of the small issue we saw with the O Line against ECU is their lack of time together as a unit. They've been plugging/playing for weeks in practice. As they get used to eachother, they'll progress. No worries there at all. Let's not jump on the kicker just yet. He came in with big shoes to fill. Let's see how the next few games go. I think he'll also progress. Pass rush....now there's the potential issue. Watched NC...they were in the back field every snap. Not going to work against the good teams, we have to get pressure often on the QB. Make him afraid, very afraid. Look for 70+ players to get game time this weekend.

Rudy said...

....and another thing; pundits are saying that the race for the #1 QB Underwood is down to UM and LSU. Well, one of those two lost embarrassingly this weekend. Positive for the good guys.