Thursday, September 14, 2023

Michigan Thursday: Week 3 Big Ten Preview

Any excuse to show this mascot! 

We run into week 3 which starts in the Big Ten on Friday.  To me, it's clear Penn State is the 2nd best team in the league but OSU has time to improve.   I really don't see much in the rest of the Big 10.
Friday Night:

Virgina @ Maryland (-14.5): The Terps struggled with Biff early last week but pulled away in the 2nd half.  Virgina is still reeling from their horrific tragedy last season.  Maryland 32 UVA 10


Penn State (-14.5) @ Illinois: Penn State is playing very well and Illinois struggled on the road against a good Kansas team.  Week 1 they struggled at home against Toledo.  This team does not have the elite defensive unit they did last year.   Penn State is going to roll in this one, even though they struggle sometimes on the road.   PSU 28 Illinois 14

Louisville (-10) @ Indiana: This is another game that favors the road team in a nice regional match-up.  There should be more of these types of regional games between different conferences so fan bases can travel to games.   Louisville 41 IU 34

GA Southern @ Wisconsin (19.5): Look out here!  GA Southern can play and Wisconsin laid a big egg on the road against Washington State last weekend. I think this game will be too close for comfort.  Wisconsin 17 GA Southern 14

Minnesota @ UNC (-8): UNC struggles on defense but still has a 1st round QB.  The Golden Gophers probably have watched that App State film 100 times this week.   If Minnesota can run the ball and play power football, they will be in the game.  If they get down early, change the channel.  UNC 31 Minnesota 24

Northwestern @ Duke (-18.5): I like to call this the SAT Bowl.  Not this year as Duke is solid and NW is struggling at epic levels.  No contest here.  Duke 44 NW 14

WMU @ Iowa (-28.5): Is that line, correct? Vegas is expecting Iowa to score at least 28 points?  Iowa is going to win, but I would take WMU and the points.   Iowa 24 WMU 10

VT @ Rutgers (-7): VT lost to Purdue at home, which was a bit of a shocker.  Rutgers is weird and is always weird.   I think VT wakes up this week.   VT 18 Rutgers 13

Western KY @ Ohio State (-29): OSU 51 WKU mascot is awesome 7

Washington (-16) @ MSU: How has this week been for Sparty? Not great Bob, not great.  I don't know how they expect to beat a top 10 team this Saturday?  Nobody does.   Washington 38 MSU 17

Quick Trivia question: Who is NIU's QB? (answer below)

Northern Illinois @ Nebraska (11.5):  Nebraska has been on the road 2 straight weeks to start the Matt Rhule era 0-2.  Now they come home to a dangerous MAC team that has already beat BC.   Is BC better than Nebraska? That is the deep question of the weekend.  Nebraska 21 NIU 20  

Syracuse (-2) @ Purdue: I have no idea what either team has.  Purdue loses at home to Fresno State and then beats VT in a game with a 5-hour weather delay.   I still lean towards Syracuse in this one.  Syracuse 28 Purdue 21

  • Michigan Basketball recruit from Argentina, Lee Aaliya has not gotten past admissions yet.  Here we go again. 
  • The Jets are kicking the tires on retired Michigan QB.....Chad Henne.  I wonder if Jets fans had hoped for another recently retired Michigan QB. 
  • The NIU QB answer is former MSU QB Rocky Lombardi.  How many of you got it right?


Goblu said...

Good analysis... I'm pulling for Syracuse, bc my daughter goes there. But, do love those Boilermakers!

On a side note - I thought we had a real loon with BucknutBoy. But seriously, Frog and his oversharing of his schizo love life is just too funny. In need of friends, therapy, more friends and even more therapy!

Froglipps said...
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MichiganMan said...

Goblu love you buddy...nice to hear from you....hope everything is well with you and the family...lets have a CHAMPIONSHIP YEAR!!

FrogMan do you need a friend?

Blue for life....