Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Loses a LB and Jimmy Catches a Stray

When you're a recruit it's pretty obvious if a team really wants you or not, if they keep recruiting you after you commit.  Case in point is 2025 3-star LB Mantrez Walker who decommitted from Michigan last night.  This might have been a situation with a guy that had an offer but it wasn't a committable one.  Walker has been hinting that he might be looking for other opportunities and made it official last night.   Reports from insiders say that Schembechler Hall wasn't very concerned with this development.   It would be good though if Michigan added to the 24 and 25 class instead of subtracting lately. 

Mel Tucker released a statement last night from his lawyer.  Basically, he says this was an adult relationship and I want my buyout.  In a random remark, he says that Brenda also had recent criticism of Coach Harbaugh.   First off, there is no reason to include Harbaugh in this situation and when asked later that day if he had any comment on Coach Tuckers situation, Harbaugh said, “Don't know anything about it. I know Brenda Tracy. Respect her a lot. She's done really good things, talked to our team. As far as — I’m not in a position to weigh in on it. Have no understanding or facts on the matter.”

It's not good to assume, but if I did, I believe this "criticism comment" comes from the situation that Harbaugh told Brenda he would have her back every year to talk to freshman and sophomores in 2019. The pandemic hit and budgets got tight and she hasn't been back to Ann Arbor.

Brenda replied on twitter after Harbaugh's latest comments: "I really appreciate this stance by Coach Harbaugh. This situation should not be weaponized for the rivalry."

  • Sounds like Zeke Berry might have a lower leg injury and could miss multiple games. We beleive he got hurt on the opening kickoff against UNLV.
  • I don't have words for the Aaron Rodgers Jets situation from last night.
  • Rutgers 12:00 Kick BTN


MichiganMan said...

Why coach Harbaugh's name got be mentioned by this uneducated man for his wrong doing....even innocent people are not so innocent anymore someone always tiring to pull you down..May God save all of us from corruptions........what is this world is coming to???

I hope Michigan have over 250 yard rushing on Saturday night....running game is scaring me...Donovan needs to step it up!!

Blue for life

Chowman said...

So I joked that Tuck was one of my favorite MSU coaches behind Bobby Williams and John L Smith, but seriously this guy is just trash. From the way he left CSU high and dry, how he handled the bonus money at MSU, i.e. kept it all for himself, to everything about this latest scandal shows not only a lack of intelligence, but just how morally corrupt he is. My Spartan friends and family can't wait to get rid of this guy! He's a douche and I don't see how he every gets a sniff at even a position coaching gig again. Maybe that's why he's going all out to get some sort of buyout from MSU.

Goblu said...

What's weird (or perhaps a sign of the times), is that Tuck is saying it was consensual, but the dude is married with two sons. So ok, even if it was consensual, that's still pretty douchey for a dude to do and def not the sign of a leader of young men.

Chowman said...

Well I'd probably claim a lot of things too if my dumb @ss was leaving $80M on the table.

Froglipps said...

I wanted to say something, but digress to Chowman and Goblu ... they said what I had to say only better!

I only want to add in "thank god" it's not us ... could you imagine the humiliation? Thank you, Jim Harbaugh, for being a man of integrity and not putting us thru this.

MichiganMan said...

Whats up FromMan....ribbit ribbit....I like your out takes...keep it coming?

Blue for life