Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Stop, Tuck, and Roll

As you know by now, MSU gave Mel Tucker a notice of termination for cause and 7 days to respond to the action, with a dismissal date of 9/26.  This from ESPN's Pete Thamel's twitter post: In documents, Michigan State tells Tucker's attorney that the school has "amassed a body of undisputed evidence of misconduct that warrants termination for cause."

Firing Tucker for "cause" voids the remaining 79M on his contract. I'm sure there will be a legal battle at some point, but in a week, we can put this ordeal to rest. I did receive a few texts on where does MSU go now? My response is they need to find someone with as clean of an off the field record as possible. I would put the follow folks on top of my list:

1. Kansas Coach Lance Leipold. He has done wonders for Kansas Football.
2. David Shaw, former Stanford coach and had a long run after Harbaugh
3. Jeff Monken, Army head coach who just got an extension yesterday @ $2M a year
4. Jim Caldwell, former Detroit Lions head coach
5. Eric Bieniemy, Washington OC and former Chiefs OC will be hard pull out of the NFL

  • Michigan @ Nebraska 3:30 kick on Fox 
  • Seems very unlikely that international recruit Lee Aaliya will be joining the basketball team this season, at least not to start the season. 
  • How about Chad Henne being in a Subway commercial!  Always great to have a friend in Patrick Mahomes. 


Chowman said...

Leipold would definitely be the top choice on that list. Not sure if Shaw would be a fit in the midwest or if he'd be interested in coming to EL. Monken, I'd be worried about his offensive scheme. The one dimensional run heavy scheme works at the service academies, but not sure the Sparty fan base would like it or work in the B1G. As a Michigan fan, I'd be a hell yeah on Jim Caldwell, but he's a little long in the tooth. If I'm a Spartan fan, I'd want a younger coach. Bieniemy would be a sexy hire, but I doubt he's leaving the NFL to go coach in college and even if he would, not sure EL would be his destination

The other thing that will be in play is the MSU board of trustees. A buddy of mine who's an alum told me he's worried that the MSU board will EFF up any potential profile hire.

Goblu said...

This Tucker-MSU saga is going to drag on for a while. He def deserves to be fired, but his counter is going to be relatively strong in court when he sues. I'm not an employment lawyer, but Tucker is correct that no new information has been revealed since the school learned of the complaint in March. They started a process, which now is being truncated bc of the publicity. This is going to be a multi-year mess or Sparty is going to give him a Tuck-full of $$ to go away.

Rudy said...

Tucker lacks morale fiber and integrity….and that was even before this all came to light. He’s scum. But I’m his defense; why did the admin do nothing until it leaked out? The school is just as complicit as he is. Not only should tuck get canned but Sparty should pay a price….a big price. This plays to their years of lack of control. Given their past, they have to be above reproach and they’ve shown they are the same ol same ol. Burn them down.

Stikup1979 said...

They Been investigating this since last December and I'm sure they have everything they need to win a law suit.your married man and you do that over phone regardless its bad for the university... I'm sure she recorded it.im just waiting for race card to be played

Rudy said...

He played the race card on the first day of his suspension. Didn’t help him that they appointed another black coach in the interim.