Monday, September 18, 2023

The Original Michigan Monday: Too Early Look at Rutgers and Smith Twins

We know recruiting is a dirty business.  Some of the dirt is now legal with new NIL rules and Michigan will be competitive sometimes and other times not.   I think Juwan is seeing that first hand in basketball recruiting.  Michigan Guard Trevor Keegan weighs in, "“I have a lot of friends from different schools and different programs where they’re getting promised money up front, whether it’s the [transfer] portal or in recruiting, and when they get to the program, they’re just not getting what they were told,” Keegan says. “That’s causing a lot of problems in other locker rooms.”

Which leads me to a story of the Smith Twins that were committed to Michigan and have been rumored to be a flip candidate to Kentucky.  That flip happened late on Friday.  The Smith twins are from Kentucky but transferred to Loomis Chaffe a private boarding school in CT for their junior year.  Both were rumored to be a lock to Notre Dame, before Jerod committed to Michigan in April and his brother Jacob did the same in July.   Jacob really needed to be sold on Michigan and in recruiting circles it seemed his heart wasn't always in Ann Arbor.   Shortly after Jacob's commitment to Michigan, both brothers decided to transfer back to Kentucky and play at Corbin HS.  Thier 3rd school in 3 years.

Is this a story of brothers taking advantage of the new recruiting system?  Or just following their heart to play at their state school?  Hard to know, but we wish them well at UK. 

Early Look:

Rutgers 3-0 best win VT (also NW and Temple)

Pass: 135.7 Yards Per (126th)
Run: 210.7 (20th)
Score: 31.7 points (59th)
Give up: 10 (7th)

No mystery on what the Wolverines will see on Saturday.  Rutgers wants to run the ball and play good defense to stay in games.  If you remember correctly, Michigan struggled with Rutgers for at least half last season.  I believe the Rutgers QB thought Michael Barrett played for Rutgers and kept throwing the ball at him.   Last season's halftime score was Michigan 14 Rutgers 17.   The final score was Michigan 52 Rutgers 17.
  • News Flash: Jake Moody is still really good 
  • Jake Schoonmaker got his first NFL TD on Sunday 
  • Chad Henne is staying retired and won't head to the Jets
  • The Bredeson family didn't have the best weekend as Ben suffered a concussion in a comeback win for the Giants.  Get well soon Ben! 
  • Juwan Howard had a scheduled heart surgery this weekend.  Reports are he is doing well and should be back with the team in about a month.  Get well soon coach! 
  • BGSU Demetrius Hardamon (the player that was carted off) is in stable condition and up and walking around, hopefully he will make a full recovery and will be released soon.
  • Joe Milton throws a nice deep ball.  He struggled this weekend in the swamp.


Goblu said...

I read that the KY coach kept telling the twins that they will be hometown heroes if they stay. Who knows, but if that sways them, I wouldn't be surprised if they change schools another 4 times...

Chowman said...

you can never underestimate the pull to stay home, especially when relatives are involved. that being said, when recruits change their commitment more than once, it usually doesn't work out too well.