Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Wolverine Wednesday: What Do You Think About the Running Clock?

College Football has a few different rules than the NFL, one of the bigger ones was that the clock stops on 1st downs.  Games were getting longer and longer and the NCAA decided to make a clock change this season.   This season the clock stops on 1st downs only with 2 minutes left in each half.  

Per Tej Seth on X formerly from PFF:

# of plays difference between last season and Week 0 and 1

2022: •plays per game: 131 •drives per game: 24.0 •plays per drive: 5.50 2023: •plays per game: 117 •drives per game: 21.7 •plays per drive: 5.40

Fans and coaches do not love the change as the games seemed to fly by in college football's first weekend. If you have two running teams, you might get 2-hour games soon! In the above the stats, there are lots of lost plays and a few drives, so comebacks are going to be more difficult now.

I would not have moved to 2 minutes; I would have started at the last 5 minutes of each half. If you are making a comeback, you really start to clock watch at the 5-minute mark, 2 minutes in my opinion is too late.

Also, TV Networks and Streaming Services, enough with the non-stop commericals.


Chowman said...

Since the time allotted for the broadcast isn't changing it just allows the network to fill the time with more commercials. want to make games shorter, get rid of the commercials

Brady2017 said...

Anybody else hear the latest that Cade completely ignored J.J. his freshman season when he asked Cade for help? Total classless act. What a duche! I hope he and All do squat in Iowa.

Brady2017 said...

Might explain why the o-line didn't want to block for Cade.

MichiganMan said...

What are you talking about? McNamara took us to the college playoffs... And they protected him...

Blue for life

Goblu said...

Douche, not duche