Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Wolverine Wednesday: Wino Retires and Man Buys Tickets

Let's get to the biggest news first, Chase Winovich former Michigan DE is retiring from the NFL.  He was recently on Miami's practice squad and just agreed to an injury settlement.   I assumed it was his last-ditch effort to continue playing football.  Chase had a nice NFL career as he was drafted in the 3rd round by the Patriots in 2019 and lead the team in sacks with 5.5 in 2020.  He got traded to the Browns in 2022 and this offseason signed with the Texans before playing in 3 games with the Dolphins.  

Chase is a Michigan Man and I wish he was around to beat OSU and see the program rise from the ashes.  He for sure was one of those guys that helped build the foundation of winning.   Good Luck Chase in the next chapter! I hope your 28-year-old body feels 28 and not 48.  

Pete Thamel and Ross Dellenger must be getting a ton of clicks on this Michigan Scouting investigation.  Their deep reporting and sources continue to give them information like: Connor bought tickets to games outside the Big Ten and here are photos on the Michigan sideline of Connor holding a piece of paper.  That noise you hear is journalism dying.  If you're wondering, what we do here is not journalism either, I'm just a Michigan fan who loves this damn program way too much.  I just expect from ESPN and Yahoo sports that they get a little bit more information than trying to piece mail a story together to keep it in the media for another day. 

Reports are that the NCAA will be in Ann Arbor this week to discuss this investigation.  I would have two extra people in the meeting from the Michigan side.  A world-class lawyer and a plumber to fix all the leaks in the NCAA's investigation. 

Evidently, these secondary ticket services will provide anyone with any information they request about your transaction.  Be careful fellas when you buy tickets for the Back Street Boys tour.  Any chance Connor was just flipping these tickets for a profit? 😏 What other tickets has he purchased? Has he ever enjoyed a Broadway show?  Maybe a Drake concert or Faster Horses at MIS?  Does he shop at Kroger's or a Whole Foods guy?  We really need to know these things!!!

  • JJ is the odds-on leading Heisman candidate at some casinos
  • Army is joining the AAC
  • There are reports Michigan fans spotted at the Liberty game last night.  Reports are both fans were holding an iPhone.
  • FIU vs. Rich Rod tonight on CBS Sports Network! 
  • Iowa plays Northwestern at Wrigley this weekend.  Quick question, why?


Tim said...

Bob - thanks for all the updates.

I should probably stay off social media. So many saying that Michigan should get death penalty, Harbaugh suspended immediately, post season this season as good as done, etc.

I realize most of those people don't have facts and it is more wishful thinking.

What are you hearing? What do you feel is a plausible outcome to all this?

goblue said...

not good for recruiting

szanreno said...

If we were stealing signs as accused there would be too many people that know about it to not be talking. As the Hells Angels say, three can keep a secret if two are dead! This will end in a fine and slap on the wrist. No one is in the NCAA's corner,,,, except the NCAA...