Thursday, November 9, 2023

Big Ten Weekend Preview Week 11

The Big Ten has the #1, #3, and #10 team in the nation but all the noise is off field as ESPN and everyone else is coving Michigan's aggressive scouting situation non-stop.  My hope is the Big Ten studies the information Michigan sent for at least a week, so we can have a couple days of peace and quiet before the weekend.  

There is one good game this weekend in the Big Ten.  Let's look at the other games.  

Indiana @ Illinois (-6.5) These two powerhouses have a combined 7 wins and 11 losses.  Enough said, Illinois 17 IU 14.

Maryland (-2) @ Nebraska: Both of these teams are 5-4, so this id the Bowl Eligible Bowl sponsored by Mayonnaise.  Maryland's offensive line is offensive and Nebraska just had a bad loss in East Lansing.  Fun times in the Big Ten!  Nebraska 20 Maryland 17

Rutgers @ Iowa (-1.5): Neither team can pass the ball and both have good defenses.  The U/O is 28.5 😆which is historically low.  If you have been betting Iowa unders you're probably shopping for a new boat right now.  That low is very low.  Iowa 12 Rutgers 10

Minnesota @ Purdue (-1): Vegas has no idea what to do with these terrible Big Ten teams.  Purdue looked decent for a quarter against Michigan and Minnesota has been a roller coaster all year.   If Purdue's coach can shut up long enough to coach this game, they just might win this one.  Purdue 24 Minnesota 20

Northwestern @ Wisconsin (-9.5):  How the Wildcats got to 4 wins is just crazy this year.  Wisconsin lost its QB and lost its season at the same time.  Wisconsin has a goal of not passing during this game.  Wisconsin 21 Northwestern 14

MSU @ OSU (-31.5): NBC Night Game, wow they've have had some stinkers.  NBC is just counting the days until the PAC 12 teams are here and they have viable options in Primetime.   OSU 48 MSU 10

Tony 4T's better focus on its TV partners and the product on the field vs. Michigan's over scouting allegation.  That is why he was hired anyway.   You don't hire a TV executive to run a complex football league.  Don't forget who you work for Tony 4T's.

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