Friday, November 17, 2023

Breaking News: Enough Already


"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to my right, stuck in the middle with you" 

I'm so sick of this stupid fucking investigation.  If Sherrone can drop F' bombs, I'm going to as well. 

Latest news, if you're smart and don't follow X or Twitter every 1/2 an hour. 

  • Harbaugh and the Big Ten were negotiating a 2-game penalty, when the NCAA came out with new evidence that Connor was being funded by an "Uncle T".  No, it's not Tom Brady.  Reports are it could be a booster named Tim Smith, who has denied he funded Connor and that he is being "thrown under the bus".
  • To add on to that, current LB coach Chris Partridge was not cooperating with the NCAA and destroyed devices or data or both.  He has been fired.  Though, the NCAA does not have any link to Partridge participating or knowing about Connor's ticket brokerage deal.
  • Michigan thinks it better not take this new information to court today and agrees to the Big Ten's Colonoscopy, if they stop the investigation. 
My thoughts are as follows:

  • The Fucking Big Ten and Tony Macaroni has made this situation 1000 times worse.  If he had just let the investigation play out as it should have, there wouldn't be news about this situation every hour.   It's like Tony wants to keep this story in ESPN's SportsCenter A-Block.
  • If Tony Macaroni was smart, he would have suspended Harbaugh on Monday, instead of pulling him off a plane and the biggest game of the weekend.  Either way, he has hurt the Biggest Day in the Big Ten and maybe the biggest game ever next weekend.  Those that lead, lead, those that don't follow.  Tony followed the rest of the Big Ten down this rat hole.
  • I don't see how the news today, effects Harbaugh suspension at all.  Nobody can trace any of this back to Harbaugh and he has to do the time for an incomplete investigation?  You don't suspend the CEO when a staffer steals mail from the mail room.  I agree if the NCAA comes back with proof that this happened, Harbaugh should be fined for not knowing everything everyone does in his organization.  This penalty is way over bounds.  What the hell are we doing?
  • Should Chris have been fired? You want to know why the NCAA has not been successful for years in penalizing programs? They can't make people talk; they don't have subpoena power.  They have to gather as much evidence as possible because they can't force anyone to talk. Sure, he probably shouldn't have deleted data or whatever he did and yes, it certainly broke U of M employment rules.  But his act should also earn some respect for protecting the program.  My hope is he finds a path to an NFL team next season as a "show" cause is coming from the NCAA.
  •  What is the end game here?  Do they want to run Jimmy out of Michigan? ESPN already has him coaching like 5 NFL Teams next year.  Do they want Michigan out of the Big Ten?  Do they want OSU in the CFP and Big Ten Championship?  What was the goal of the other Big Ten coaches and AD's that whined to Macaroni?  Don't they understand how revenue sharing works?  Is this some secret operation to get Brady Hoke back coaching Michigan?
I would bet that Tony Macaroni was surprised at the blowback he got after that late hour suspension last weekend.  That the Big Ten office didn't want a long legal battle that would cost his organization maybe millions.  They sat down to talk this over this week and the NCAA chimed in with some new information.  Then Tony started talking with his chest out again and everything went to shit.  

Clowns and Jokers all around.  

Beat Maryland. 


Brady2017 said...

Wow. Unbelievable. This is what you get when you hire a TV guy in Tony T. that has lived his life trying to get ratings. And the trolls at the Woke network are eating this up. Sweet revenge for losing the contract to the B1G. I think Bob is right, Chris Partridge took one for the team and dumped whatever evidence was on the computers. All this over scouting teams and videoing them. A story Bo told in one of his books- He saw a red light coming from a building across from the practice field when UM was practicing. Turns out it was a guy from Ohio St. with a camera filming the practice. Bo smashed the camera and sent him on his way. When you are the best team in the country you have to deal with scumbags out there. Let's play some football and kick some ass. Michigan vs Everybody!!

Brady2017 said...

I heard Clinkscales' Twitter account was deleted today. I hope he's not fired, too.

Blue said...

Per my post yesterday prior to Partridge firing - I still stand that it would of be better for Michigan to fight in court, even if losing (if it played out that way) than bellying up to the BIG/NCAA. Standing up for due process, standing up for Harbaugh and standing up for the team that the administration were clamoring they would be standing up for.

What's happening to Michigan football is way too fucking much for a bunch of nothing. This looks more like a level 3 or at best level 2 scouting violation, if that, what rules/bylaws have been proving to be broken? None, yet the football team is punish by a coordinated mob that pushed Petitti into a quick punishment with the help of the NCAA without due process, yet we belly-up.

Plus, standing-down instead of standing-up and fighting as UM had bellowed they would, effectively strengthens the concerted smear campaign against our football team. A team I'm so proud of with their steadfastness, and fortitude in setting aside these blown-up allegations, where instead continued to work hard & focus on their goals set since last January.

This united hit job being laid on the Michigan Football Team can not be taken laying down hoping it will just go away without having lasting repercussions.

Tom said...

Good post, Blue.
We have to wake up to the reality that the other B1G schools (not just football) despise Michigan and so does ESPN and other big name football/basketball programs.

Michigan is in a conference in which its members will not only NOT have our back, they are Brutus (double entendre intended) with a dager ready to stab.

Why stay in a "conference" in which you are obviously persona non grata - despite being singularly responsible fo 1/3 of the conference revenue? No rush, but we'd behave like doltish abused spouses were we to stay in the B1G.

It's time to leave and look for what the best option is for UM with schools who value a relationship with us (ND, NC, Duke, Vanderbilt, Washington, Standford, Cal, USC, UCLA, Miami...just to name a few). We started the B1G, let's do it again.

Brady2017 said...

Blue- The only problem with fighting in court is it gives the B1G investigators subpoena power.

Brady2017 said...

I'd be done cooperating with ANYONE. Tell em to go kick rocks. And it's truly mind blowing how petty this all is when you look at the lengths teams in the SEC have gone to cheat. Bag money, hookers, cars, homes, (before NIL), I mean you name it. Rick Patino cheated himself a Natty and got away w it. Smh

Brady2017 said...

Was the Michigan band at the game? Didn't hear them on TV.

georgemra said...

I’m losing a little respect for this blog. He broke employment rules and is destroying evidence, but if it’s protecting the program then it must be ok!? Are we really do in love with the program that it doesn’t matter if coaches do things like this. That’s not protecting the program, it’s obscuring the truth. If a person who makes half a million dollars a year is willing the risk their job like this over whatever was on those drives, there may very well be something damning there. Don’t let the haze of the maize and blue cloud rationale thought.