Friday, November 10, 2023

Breaking News: Tony, Tony, Tony Has Done it

The newly hired Big Ten Commissioner Tony 4T's/ Tony Petitte put his big boy pants on today and decided to get the votes needed to suspend Jimmy for the rest of the regular season.   He sent out a long statement, which you can read online or 1000 different social media sites. 

Jimmy and U of M's elite legal teams were prepared for this outcome and had a response in the chamber and shot it off right after this absurd email from the commissioner.  An injunction has been filed and now the Step 2 waiting game begins. 

My thoughts?

The Big Ten was so concerned about its fair compeitive play, that it suspended Michigan's head coach less than 24 hours before a top 10 matchup.  They also did it at 3:30 on Friday, which happens to be a Federal National Holiday.   Making any legal action by Michigan that much tougher.  I'll assume the Michigan legal team expected this and has a plan.  

Tony went on to say, there is no proof Harbaugh knew of what was going on but they are going to penalize him, since he represents Michigan Football. 

I have a prediction that Tony's stay as Big Ten commissioner will be short.  His peers and media are already comparing him to the PAC 12 commissioner who next season will have 2 teams.   Not great Tony. 

If the Big Ten office had any intelligence at all, they would've done this next Monday and suspended Jimmy for Maryland, OSU, and maybe the Big Ten Championship.   Doing this right before the Penn State game shows complete incompetence from Big Ten leadership.   

If I was President Ono, I would consider not playing on Saturday and forcing a difficult discussion between Fox and Big Ten leadership.  Now, none of us what that, but Michigan has to use all leverage in this situation.  

My expectation is that the injunction will be approved tonight and Jimmy will be on the sideline Saturday at noon.  If not, I expect John Harbaugh to coach the team 😅


Blue said...

"My expectation is that the injunction will be approved tonight and Jimmy will be on the sideline Saturday at noon. If not, I expect John Harbaugh to coach the team"

You may have something there. I also expect Harbaugh will be on the sidelines tomorrow as head coach. If not and per the BIG: "As a penalty imposed on the institution, the University football team must compete without its Head Football Coach for the games remaining in the 2023 regular-season, effective immediately".

Being Jim Harbaugh's name was plainly not assigned here, Warde could then demote Harbaugh to an Assistant HC, and promote Moore to Head Football Coach.

Rudy said...

and once again the B10 leaks it through that dbag Thamel; they don't even have the stones to tell UM first. This has never been about justice or player safety. From the get go, they wanted Harb's head and nothing else would do. Now it's time for UM to burn everything to the ground.

goblue said...

Anyone else getting fed up with the ncaa and big10?Its getting to the point that its no fun on saturdays anymore.If the injunctions not approved dont play the game!

GoBlue84 said...

"The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules or took a few liberties with our cell phones, we did, but you can't hold a whole football program responsible for the behavior of one junior newly hired psycho analyst because, if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole Big10 conference, and if we blame the whole Big10 conference, shouldn't we blame all of the NCAA FBS programs, and if we blame all of the NCAA FBS programs, isn't that an indictment of our entire American society! Well, you can suspend Jim Harbaugh, but we are not going to sit here and listen to you bad-mouth the United States of America!!!!"

Brady2017 said...
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Goblu said...

Just hoping that Jim tells the team with play with discipline. Can’t play angry and get a shit-ton of penalties.

Brady2017 said...

I like the Tony Toni Tone reference. Lol Michigan and Jimmy are getting screwed by 4T Tony. What a tool. He didn't even consider Michigan's evidence it produced regarding other teams and what they're doing. That's fair play??

F Tony and the B1G. We don't need the B1G, they need us. Let's Go independent like Notre Dame or join the SEC. Didn't the B1G screw us once before when Bo was coaching when they voted Ohio St to go to the Rose Bowl instead of Michigan?

Voice of Reason said...

This is to stop Michigan from winning the b10 conference and the nationals. There's no team within this conference that is strong enough to stop Michigan, and Harbaugh is destroying them on the field. Every, every, every team as we all know tries to steal signals, and there's evidence that it's being done.

However, what we're witnessing is the self-destruction of the b10 conference. What awes me is that these other programs are so blind with their hatred and jealousy to see it. Mark my words, this is going to get so messy that when it's over "there will not be one stone left upon another" of this conference (Matthew 24:2) and they would have done it to themselves. For a conference with so many "highly rated academic institutions," they are acting stupid and ignorant.

If I were Michigan, I would also have my lawyers immediately look into breaking their contract with the b10 ASAP based on grounds of, 1) gross hostility making the working environment impossible to function in properly, causing mental and emotional distress of the coaches, players and students, and 2) irreconcilable differences, and 3) their not following their own bylaws, causing a rush to judgement that could cost the institution potentially millions of dollars and a number of highly rated recruits, 4) along with defamation of the institutions character, singling out Michigan for activity that is being practiced within the conference by every institution.

Moreover, at the same time, I would look into potentially (as a temporary independent) try to put together a schedule for next year with teams that were willing to adjust their schedules to play Michigan. There are teams willing to take a loss in order to get a big pay day. IMHO!!!

Voice of Reason said...

Locked on Wolverines Podcast host, today reported that the Board of Regents have already met and has had serious discussions about Michigan leaving the b10 conference and they appear to be all for leaving. IMHO!!!

MichiganMan said...

Cheetahs cheaters never win.... Jim harbaugh cheated. He must pay the price and take on responsibility....

But the team is prepared to beat Penn State. Go out there and do it

Blue for life

Voice of Reason said...

Please don't get it twisted, this is not about the allegation of cheating any longer,it's about the future of the Michigan football program. That is why we fight!


Voice of Reason said...

This is a defining moment for this generation of Wolverines. We are under attack facing something unlike anything that our forefathers ever faced. If we refuse to fight now, then we lay down and die, and so will the future of the Michigan program. Folks wake up, our enemies won't stop at a suspension of our coach. It's not so much about losing the fight (although we don't want to lose or expect to lose), it's about making sure that we don't go against our nature as Wolverines that aren't afraid of anything or anyone, any battle against any creature great or small. Wolverines don't back up or back down from a fight. That is why we are Wolverines!

It has just been confirmed by the big10, that we are being attacked from all sides, within our conference and within the media.They want to destroy the greatest and winnest program in the history of college football. The weak collude to attack the mighty. In nature, it's not unusual for a lion to be attacked by a group of other lions that are trying to kill him. However, what they all realize is that even if the one lion is on the brink of death, as long as that one lion still has his roar, the other lions will keep their distance because he is still dangerous. Michigan still has its roar.

We MUST support our team, coaches and school. To the last player, the last coach, the last student, the last alumni...we fight!!! IMHO!!!

Former President Ronald Reagan once said:

Voice of Reason said...

There are some folks that seems to miss the hypocrisy with all of this. As we know, there were schools that had Michigan's signs and gave them to Purdue before the b10 championship game. The purpose was so that Michigan wouldn't win the big 10 championship and assuring a CFP spot to osu. Moreover, osu reportedly told tcu that Michigan was stealing signs, however, believe me, osu also gave tcu Michigan's signs so that tcu would win and that osu wouldn't have to play Michigan again in the playoffs should they (osu) get past Georgia. IMHO!!!

Goblu said...

Go Fucking Blue!

Thank you Franklin for being a shitty coach

szanreno said...

He is! He made two glaring mistakes I believe. Going for it on 4th deep in his own end with over 4:00 minutes and 2 TO's left. Going for 2 points on the last td to take a two score game right back to a 2 score game?!? God Bless him may he coach there a long time. Go Damn Blue!!!

szanreno said...

I missed the post game handshake. Was it cold???

szanreno said...

He got dis'd...

James Franklin jogs out for his postgame handshake with Michigan offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore, who led the Wolverines in Beaver Stadium with head coach Jim Harbaugh suspended. Franklin then embraces Vice President of Intercollegiate Athletics Pat Kraft. When Kraft departs, Franklin stands still. He’s alone on the 35-yard line, seemingly waiting for someone. Ten seconds later when he realizes that nobody is coming, Franklin walks back toward his players.

Tom said...

Petitte is the quintessential example of what is wrong with our American culture.
No longer are we interested in merit, ability, effectiveness, success, or doing the RIGHT thing.

We are interested in empty suits doing the bidding of the elitist leaders of the present interest of the woke mob.

Petitte wears the right suits, says things in an articulate manner, his hair, ties and shoes are perfect, he goes to events to appease the power brokers and the other establishment hacks; but in reality is nothing but a vapid mind, a feckless cuck leader, and he has no idea what he's doing. He's a loser - plain and simple.

But he "looks good" - just what the elites want. And, he'll do their bidding - whether it's right or not. The mere concept of truth is an anathema to losers like Petitte.

What a sorry example of a man. He's truly nothing but a wuss...plain and simple; now he's made an irreperable mistake.