Sunday, November 12, 2023

Penn State Post Game

I want to take a verbal flame thrower to the Big Ten leadership but I will save those thoughts for next week.   In a week of more off field drama and the spinless Big Ten Commissioner suspending Harbaugh with less than 24 hours prior to competition.  Michigan went to Happy Valley and took care of business.

You can suspend Harbaugh from game days, but you can't take the Harbaugh out of the program.  In a Bo like fashion, Michigan ran 32 straight running plays and soundly beat the #10 team in the nation in their own house.  James Franklin continues to prove that he is an elite recruiter and an awful game day coach.  How long are Penn State fans going to stand for this?

Here are my Franklin questionable coaching decisions on Saturday:
  • Going for 2 on the first TD, why?
  • Running the Philly Special on 4th down, it worked but was risky as hell. 
  • Not punting deep in Michigan territory with 4+ minutes left and all 3-time outs, Corum ran for a TD on the next play.  Penn State's punter was unbelievable and maybe their best player.   Pretty sure he had a punt that traveled nearly 70 yards in the air. 
  • Going for 2 on its last TD, kicking the extra point keeps you in the game with an 8-point margin, missing the 2-point conversion ends the game with a 9-point margin. 
  • Using a trick play on that 2-point conversion, that didn't work. 
You're not here for Penn State Cheers and Jeers.  So, let's get to Michigan's! 

  • Bet
  • Top 10 road win, when everyone is trying to stop you from winning 
  • Adjustments by both coordinators to find solutions to win the game 
  • The Dynamic Duo we were looking for all year! Blake the Great and The Don!
  • 32 straight running plays, "you never go broke by taking a profit"
  • Shutting down Penn State's pass game 
  • Special Teams was really good 
  • Ken Grant running down a PSU RB in the open field 
  • Penalizing Penn State for all the QB draws
  • Clearing Beaver Stadium before the game was over 
  • Coach Moore's emotional F bomb interview 
  • Where was the OL pass pro?
  • I think Michigan should have mixed in a couple pass plays on 3rd downs in the 2nd half. 
  • Did not enjoy giving up 5 yards on every Penn State first down 
  • The last PSU TD was not a great example of Michigan defense
  • The middle of the Michigan's defense seems very vulnerable 
  • Michael Barrett's 15-yard penalty was not great after the pick was over ruled
  • No Roman Wilson at all
Michigan now needs to protect against a trap road game to Maryland next week, before they host OSU.  We will see what happens with Harbaugh's situation on Friday. 

Ugly Big Ten Football Review:
  • OSU runs over Sparty 
  • Illinois and IU find some offense
  • Maryland beats Nebraska 13-10 
  • Iowa wins again but still doesn't hit the historic low Over/Under
  • Purdue might have found something in Ann Arbor and blows out the Golden Gophers.  PJ continues to disappoint year after year. 
  • The wheels have fallen off at Wisconsin as they lose to Northwestern
Hey Tony, you might want to consider the above terrible football and what your TV partners are thinking.  You also might want to consider what your clear lack of leadership shows your new PAC 12 schools.   You sir should've followed famous US President Abraham Lincoln's advice : "It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt."  


Froglipps said...

If Michigan was guaranteed that punishment would end after the three-game suspension ... I think Michigan should accept it with wide open arms. I do believe this punishment is only a part of a layer cake of penalties. The NCAA will punish Michigan severely, and (not to be out done) .... the Big Ten
will institute another round of sanctions.

Therefore, Michigan needs to fight this to the death! If need be, us fans need to arm ourselves with pitch forks and torches (like the old monster movies) and march on the higher ups hell-bent on destroying us and our legacy.

When you have people organizations, they almost always are unbiased, any of you lived in a "homeowners association", some residents can do what they want, others are written up weekly. The Big Ten, and NCAA could operate the same way.

I cringe every time I here that players health is at stake, by stealing signals, (which is legal in most instance) .... but the beating of Michigan players in the own tunnel is most egregious.

I live in a homeowners association right now that is so crazy, I am in the process of moving.... they laid off of riding "my ass", because they 'pay for it " every time (I can say no more).

Goblu said...

-I get why 100% run plays is a good statement. But it’s also damning on our passing protection. I really don’t get or like zero passes for 3.5 quarters.

-But, that is by far the best defense we have or might see. They are real, and really good.

-I didn’t realize how much Sherone bled blue. Damn I like that guy more each day. We need to keep him.

-Blake is a hero. That postgame with the blood. My lord was that a statement. Stud.

Ohio is basically is decent team that is exceptional only bc of Harrison. Without him, they are PSU.

…but, Georgia is the #1 team in the country and I think likely runs the board. I hope it’s Mich-GA in the championship game.

Question- how come our evidence that Rutgers-Ohio-Purdue cheated hasn’t been released? I think Michigan’s biggest mistake has been following the process by not commenting when no one else follows that process. They should release all of the information publicly and explain it all in detail. Open kimono time.

Last - 4T should be fired simply bc ESPN learned about Jimmy’s suspension before Michigan was told. That is unacceptable, full stop. You can want everything bad to happen to Michigan, but you cannot accept the Commissioner doing that.

Blue said...

Team 144 with Great 999 Win ...

How about K Grant running down Penn St. star running back Allen 30+ yards downfield.

How about calling 32 straight, time consuming, man ball running plays and stuffing it down their throats.

How about the team sync, the harmony, the laser focus, in their pursuit of a BIG & National Championship.

How about Warde finally telling the BIG where to stick it.

How about we sign Harbaugh and get him back on the sidelines for Michigan 1000th win.

How about we kick Ohio St. ASS for the championship in two weeks.

How about those Michigan Wolverines!!!!

MichiganMan said...

Second half was the worst play calling by human being. Whoever was in charge of that should be fired.... So many occasion they could mix it up. Pick up the first down score, more points and secure guaranteed victory. Instead they choose to run and put the game in jeopardy....

I'm happy for the week but I do not like the way we did it

Blue for life

MichiganMan said...


Froglipps said...

Correction I meant to say biased not unbiased. I do not think big ten would have acted so quick but the picture of our guy on CMU sidelines nails it.

Also, how on earth does CMU does not notice a foreigner, like a beehive ... a stray wasp on something lands on or in their hive, their history.

Thom said...

Hey MichiganMan ....what amazes me is how confident your stupidity is

MichiganMan said...

Hey thom... You must be a MSU fan

Blue for life

MichiganMan said...

We like to speak the truth on this blog. We are not like you. A fanboy get lost. Don't come back. Go to MSU page

Blue for life

Thom said...

Without freedom of speech so called MichiganMan, we would not know what an idiot you are. Your the only one complaining about the victory. What A JOKE you are.

Goblue said...

Who cares how many times we passed or how many times we ran? We did what we had to do to win the game. And to all the people out there laughing that JJ only had so little passing yards are really trying to find anything to hate on bc they are deep down scared of this Michigan team.

Thom said...

Well spoken Goblue.

Goblu said...

PSU OC fired. Feels like Franklin is trying to save his keester… wonder if it will save his butt again.