Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Michigan Tuesday: Jimmy Has Jokes

Ryan Day and every OSU fan thinks the only way Michigan beat the Buckeyes the last two years was due to stealing their signs.   As a reminder, sign stealing is not illegal and I'm sure the Buckeyes changed thier signs prior to the Michigan game and should've for every game.   Everyone got excuses when they lose a game.  Most don't hire Private Investigators to spy on other programs.  

When Harbuagh was asked about what he repects about Ryan Day and OSU.  His answer was about preparing for the game this week.   

Harbaugh also had a joke about the closeness of his team under these trying circumstances, that he likes his locker room like his mom's bathing suit, in one piece.  As you know, Ted Lasso was somewhat based on Jim Harbaugh.    To be fair, Ryan Day's hair dye is based off the actor who played Eddie from the Munsters. 

  • UNLV Tracker: 9-2 #1 in the Mountain West 
  • Sherrone Moore is a semi-finalist for the Broyles Award
  • Giles Jackson plans to return to UW next season and The Big Ten
  • Fox Big Game and Game Day will both be in Ann Arbor on Saturday morning.  I thought ESPN might skip Ann Arbor for a conference they cover. 
  • Mikey was named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week with his 2 picks
  • Dino Babers was fired from Syracuse 
  • Michigan is expected to have back all the starters that missed the Maryland game or was hurt during the game.   JJ mentioned a tough week last week but is feeling much better.  Most assume it was his ankle, but I wouldn't be surprised if he also had a virus or something. 


Goblu said...

My reply to folks has been:
1. Ohio and other schools say they knew Mich was stealing signs.

2. Ohio then either failed to change their signs or they did change them. Cannot have it both ways.

3. Assuming they changed the signs, then what's the complaining all about. You lost.

Chowman said...

Yeah cause sign stealing is what allowed the Wolverines to run the ball all over the field against Bucknuts. in the 2nd half of the 2021 game, even stevie wonder saw the wolverines were going to run the ball and OSU could do nothing. As I recall, in both the past 2 years, OSU moved the ball fairly well between the 20s. They just bogged down in the red zone, either Day made a bone head play call on offense or the took an inopportune penalty.

Blue said...

Isaiah Hole publisher for USA TODAY Sports Media "Wolverines Wire" along with "Locked on Wolverines" Podcast/YouTube, stated yesterday that the information stated on this X/Twitter account @TonnorScalions and their Stal Bombs is legitimate:

This bomb released by Stal Bombs, (amoung others) is as follows:

"Sources confirmed that multiple coaches & analysts across the @bigten
are paid by @ryandaytime, @CoachKee & @bzdebski between 4-5 figures for all of their notes on Michigan’s signals each year. Day & Knowles are widely known to rely on opponent signals. More coming..."


If true & I believe it has legs with Isaiah Hole confirmation around the 1.10 mark - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww_elNmlce4 ... then WOW!!! Ohio State's PI hit job on UM may of opened Pandora's box on themselves. 😂😂😂😂

Ron said...

They changed their signs before last year's game 🤣 I hope Michael Barrett and Miles Hinton are going to be healthy...

szanreno said...

So we had Ohio State signs the last 2 years. They weren't smart enough to change them after the first year, they let it happen again? I say rubbin is racin...

Rudy said...

Problem is the first one to the chalk board wins. By the time the real truth comes out and exposes suckeye state, the story will be relegated to the back pages. The objective was to F with Harbaugh which they are succeeding with. The ncaa was interrogating players and coaches last week, digging hard to uncover anything they could. They had those boys crying in there. Why? Cuz they know the evidence given is tainted and they need to dig up their own. The Suckeyes invented cheating so no surprise they’d be the first to complain. But the B10 and NCAA allowing mob mentality to influence them speaks to the weakness of college football today.